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8 Holiday Traveling Tips for a Safe & Fun Trip


Before overloading your family vehicle with Christmas gifts for the long drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s, you’d be well-advised to stock up on a few practical products to make the trip more enjoyable. Goodness knows that some of the last things you want to deal with on a cross-country journey include dead cell phones, not enough snacks to pass the time, antsy children in the back seat and insufficient means to keep inclement weather at bay.

Here’s a list of to-dos and a few product recommendations we think would serve you and your family well on your way to a safe and pleasant holiday season.


Start-to-finish GPS navigation. Your phone battery at 100%. The ability to look up the nearest rest stop or diner. Keeping younger children entertained by the fun programs on an iPad. All these essential road trip capabilities are only possible if you have a power source for your center or second-row console. Car power adapters like USB car chargers, sync cables and more are available on our site. We also supply power docks to keep your electronics mounted and charged for as long as you need.


Nothing keeps the cabin fever at bay like a nice snack or crisp beverage. With the help of a fast-cooling, low-power-consumption product like the Smittybilt Arctic Fridge & Freezer and coolers like it, you can enjoy both. The convenience offered by these units is akin to sitting in your own den. Both fridges and freezers offer plenty of space, run on 12 volts and keep things cool, cool, cool. They don’t take up too much space, are easy to maneuver and are highly resistant to dings and scuffs if the road gets a little rough.


It’s important to know what kind of weather you’ll be driving into as you make your way to your destination. The weather app on your phone isn’t always accurate, which is why it’s important that you invest in the best products to help keep your vision clear. Wiper blades are a great investment. We carry standard rainy-day models, and also sturdier variants with built-in heater elements to help the blades melt snow in temps as low as 40°.


Tonneau covers and tie-downs, as great as they are, don’t always get the job done. Tailgate locks, lock cylinders and cable locks for rooftop luggage are the best defense against the kind of sticky-fingered transients you might find at a truck stop for a pit stop in the middle of nowhere. Keys and cables are included, so you won’t find yourself scrambling last-minute to find that extra piece for extra peace of mind.


Get your old setup outta there with the TruAP Radio Removal Tool Kit and get plugged in with an in-dash stereo receiver from Sony. Jampacked with the latest technology, you’ll wonder why you never upgraded before as you go rockin’ through a winter wonderland with clearer, sweeter, stronger sounds than ever before. They also allow you to plug in your GPS system, audiobook or mobile phone to listen to your favorite podcasts. Multiple color schemes are available. We also carry a long list of car speakers to enhance your listening experience.

Be ready for roadside emergencies

You know the old saying — “You can never be too prepared.” We would add one caveat: “Especially in the wintertime.” In the event of a flat tire, you’re going to want to have one of our trusty, portable air compressors on hand. Lightweight, easy to manage and fully equipped — including USB-plugin capabilities — these babies can get your deflated tires back up and running in no time at all. You may also want to check out our selection of jump starters and battery boosters.


As the odometer climbs, so does the cabin fever. Keep your kids from fidgeting by packing plenty of fun, space-conscious games for them to play when they aren’t dozing or listening to music. If they’re electronic, just plug them into any one of the aforementioned adapters that dock in your cab’s cigarette lighter. If you play your cards right, they won’t even know they’ve left the living room carpet.

Always keep the tank half-full

Pay close attention to your fuel supply and stop when necessary. But how can you be concerned with regular refills if your fuel tank needs to be replaced before you leave the driveway? Luckily for you, we carry a high-quality replacement from Spectra, which includes the necessary components like the filler neck, filler neck sleeve and fuel tank straps. You also have the option of a drop-in fuel module assembly, which ensures maximum flow for a wide pressure range without getting in the way of the horsepower levels you currently enjoy.