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In spite of all the ferocious performance and eye-popping style that comes standard in all Lexus vehicles, the one question that Lexus owners have never been able to answer is how to pluralize Lexus. Is it just Lexuses, or do you have to apply second-declension Latin noun rules and spell it Lexi? This mystery may never be solved, but one thing that's not in doubt is that AutoAnything is the best site to find premium Lexus accessories at deep discount prices. No one can beat our deals on Lexus air filters, Lexus shocks, custom Lexus floor mats, or any of the Lexus parts you find on AutoAnything.

With the fervor surrounding the topic of how to actually pluralize the word Lexus, most folks have been distracted from the real language issue at hand. That issue is the small uprising of a group of Lexus aficionados who are actually trying to replace the word "luxury" with the word Lexus. And they have a point. The two words really are quite similar, Lexus is a much easier word to say than luxury, Lexus is much easier to spell than luxury, and those Lexus automobiles are the epitome of luxury. So who can blame those Lexus linguists for try to change the lexicon? Anyone involved in a push to actually change the language is a hero of ours here at AutoAnything, so we load our shelves with Lexus parts, Lexus accessories and Lexus performance gear. In fact, when it comes to finding the right Lexus parts and the right Lexus accessories, AutoAnything is your luxurious Lexus supplier, or is that Lexurious.

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