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Get To Know The GMC Sierra

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Just because you cruise around in a truck doesn't mean you can't ride in style. That seems to be the thinking behind the design for the GMC Sierra. Long considered the luxury-loving superior cousin to the Chevy Silverado, the Sierra has traditionally included additional options for trim, engine and equipment. But, recent models have been getting closer and closer alike— that is, until Sierra owners discovered the wealth of aftermarket GMC Sierra accessories that have enabled them to customize and upgrade everything from the grille to the tailpipe. When considering the popularity of some of the following accessories, it's clear: Sierra owners aim to blow the competition out of the water! If that's you, here's what you'll need to get up to speed.

Lift Kits

A Sierra lift kit tacks on anywhere from one to eight inches of extra height, providing additional ground clearance and more room for those custom wheels. The components in a Sierra lift kit are custom-configured to each make, model and year and engineered either to bolt directly onto your stock suspension or replace your factory components with newer, stronger and taller parts. In addition, you won't have to break out the hacksaws, grinders or welding equipment either because many of the more modest kits include urethane or aluminum spacers that are simply mounted inside your coil springs. And, when adding that extra height, don't forget to pair your Sierra lift kit with a vehicle-specific set of Sierra nerf bars, enabling you and your passengers to climb in and out with ease.

Air Filters & Performance Exhaust

Making cosmetic improvements is great. Some guys are happy to toss on a set of GMC Sierra seat covers or throw down a pair of GMC floor mats and call it a day. But, if you're interested in boosting performance, you'll want to turn your attention to the air filter and exhaust components. GMC Sierra air filters allow air to pass through your truck's engine more efficiently, providing a noticeable boost to your fuel efficiency of 1 - 3 mpg while delivering the added benefit of being reusable, saving the environment by reducing the number of GMC Sierra air filters that end up in a landfill. Your exhaust components can provide a similar boost in the efficiency of your engine. In fact, GMC exhaust systems are shown to immediately increase power from 5 - 10 percent and streamline your fuel efficiency, saving up to 2 mpg. GMC exhaust systems maximize horsepower, gas mileage and the overall efficiency of your car or truck by providing a smoother conduit for spent gases to escape. Simply put, they allow the engine to breathe easier and in doing so boost your performance while reducing the frequency with which you'll have to visit the pump.

Trailer Hitches

What good is a truck if you can't tow anything? It's about as good as a steak dinner without utensils— you can still eat it, but you run a pretty good risk of making a mess and choking in the process. So, when you can't fit everything securely under your GMC Sierra tonneau cover, you're gonna need a backup plan. Sierra trailer hitches are custom-fit to your rig and available in numerous classes, ranging from simple replacement hitches that support small U-hauls to heavy-duty gooseneck hitches that can tow up to 30,000 lbs. Sierra trailer hitches also come in two main configurations: receiver type and fixed-drawbar type. Receiver-type hitches mount to the frame of a vehicle and accept removable ball mounts while fixed-drawbar hitches are usually a one-piece construction and have a built-in hole for the trailer ball. If you're looking to haul a wide variety of gear, it's best to go with the receiver variety as the fixed-drawbar is typically not compatible with aftermarket hitch accessories. Word to the wise: make sure you have a solid set of GMC Sierra brakes to handle the extra weight.

GMC accessories, like Sierra cold air intakes, quickly and affordably upgrade your truck regardless of its age and accumulated mileage. Simple to install, they provide the same options a dealer would but for a fraction of the price.

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