Adding Suspension Parts to Muscle Cars: Things to Know

BY Thomas S.

It’s important that you make sure your vehicle’s suspension is responsive and handles agilely – especially if you drive a muscle car. Handling improvements may not be the most glamorous upgrade you can make, but it is a surefire way to maintain ride-quality and passenger safety.

With that in mind, keep reading to discover some of the suspension parts available at AutoAnything.


Lowering Springs

Designed to enhance aerodynamics, reduce drag and improve fuel economy, lowering springs are a great way to boost your roadster’s handling capabilities. Dropping your center of gravity, trimming body-roll in corners and ending excessive nose-diving, springs like Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs are compatible with your stock shocks, so even if you’re not ready for a full suspension redux, you can still keep things under control.


Shocks and struts

Reenergize your standard stock suspension with a new set of shocks and struts. Manufactured to restore OEM handling and control under normal driving conditions, components like a set of KYB Excel-G Shocks & Struts can elevate any ride’s performance. Designed for versatility and with an extensive selection in-stock now, they’re perfect for your year, make and model.


Suspension Kits

Fine-tune the firmness of your suspension with a top-of-the-line suspension kit. In addition to eliminating sag, trailer-sway, body-roll, bottoming-out and rough ride, something like the Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kit makes you feel like you’re riding on air.


Anti-Roll Bars

Working in tandem with your freshly upgraded suspension, anti-roll bars can take your suspension and handling improvements even further. A perfect companion for springs and dampers anti-roll bars and kits like, Eibach Anti Roll Bars are responsible for fine-tuning your handling. They even improve your roadster’s cornering grip.


Steering Stabilizers

Perhaps the most obvious component on this list, steering stabilizers are responsible for reducing bump-steer and wheel vibration, in addition to the obvious handling improvements. Products like Pro Comp Steering Stabilizers make for an ideal upgrade for anyone looking to take back control. Plus, with stabilizers engineered for every car, truck, Jeep or SUV under the sun, you can be sure you’ll find one that works for you.

So, stop what you’re doing and steer clear of poor handling by shopping our extensive selection of suspension system parts today.

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