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1997 Chevy Suburban
Air Filters

1997 Chevy Suburban Air Filters

Maintaining and improving your engine performance requires 3 components: Spark, fuel and air. The easiest way to get more performance out of your engine is by helping it breathe better with some simple bolt-ons like air filters and exhausts. A clean performance air filter or cold air intake system can improve the responsiveness, fuel efficiency and also peak horsepower and torque of your car or truck. Vehicle air filters come in different configurations and price points - so research and talk with an air filter specialist to find one that suits your needs. Modern truck and car air filters come with dozens of accessories to improve and maintain your air filter - read on below for in-depth review of car and truck air filters. Check out our Air Filter Car Buying Guide.
A vehicle air filter is designed to keep dirt and other contaminants out of your engine, improving the performance and long-term durability of your car or truck. They are typically made from disposable waxy paper or reusable aluminum wire-wrapped cotton. These designs find a compromise of performance and filtration to find the sweet spot between flow and safety. Depending on the environment and type of driving you do, most filters should be changed every 15 to 30 thousand miles.

For truck air filters that are often on dirt roads or in dusty work environments, it’s best to change the filter early and often. If you have a car air filter that you take to the track, maximize performance with a high-flow air filter but keep current on cleaning and oiling your filter (if it requires oil like a K&N).

Drop-in Air Filters vs. Cold Air Intakes vs. Air Cleaners

When you think of an air filter, chances are you are thinking of a cold air or high flow intake system typically seen in modified cars. These are long tubes with a cone filter attachment to scoop up air away from the engine in a spot that receives a lot of cool, clean airflow. Cold air is more dense and combustible, improving performance and reliability in high-stress environments.

If you are an old school hot-rodder, an air filter is the flat circular piece that sits on top of the carburetor. Sometimes you’ll see these “air cleaners” coupled with a hood scoop or blower to scoop air outside, above the hood.

Vehicle air filters on modern cars typically sit in an enclosed plastic housing and can be easily accessed for cleaning or replacement. They use a drop-in panel air filter that has a rubber edge to guarantee a good seal. Replacing an OEM car air filter can be done in as little has 5 minutes with the proper know-how and tools.

Types of Air Filters & Accessories

Late model, unmodified, car and truck air filters come in two shapes, cone or drop-in panel. A cone filter has a hollowed-out center and is cone shaped, attaching to an air filter housing that feeds into the intake manifold or, if equipped, the turbo. A drop-in panel air filter is typically a rectangular piece about 1-2” thick made from paper or cotton. Panel air filters can flow just as well, if not better, that cone filters, depending on application. Keep in mind that manufacturers invest thousands of research dollars into engine design, and that includes the air filter! Improper installation or unsafe modification of air filters can hurt the engine, throw engine codes, cause it to run improperly or even void the warranty - so always use an approved air filter replacement or reputable cold air intake system.

If you have an aftermarket air filter, sometimes you can clean and maintain them with specific air filter cleaners and special air filter oils. Other accessories include pre-filters and water shields to further protect your air filter and engine.

Whichever you choose, we want you to be satisfied with your selection. That's why our experts at AutoAnything are here to answer all your questions about car air filters.
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1997 Chevy Suburban K&N Air Filters
1997 Chevy Suburban aFe Air Filters
1997 Chevy Suburban BBK Air Filters
1997 Chevy Suburban Flowmaster Air Filters
1997 Chevy Suburban Airaid Air Filters
1997 Chevy Suburban Volant Air Filters

Customer Reviews

K&N Air Filters

Going for two- K&N filters that is

Have had good results (longevity, slightly better mileage and performance) on 2009 Kia Borrego filter replaced many years ago. Recently cleaned for second time after several years but only about 15k miles in that time. Easily done with very little extracted gunk. So recently installed on '20 Suburban with 6.2L cause I need all the help I can get with gas mileage. Too early to tell on that score but it seems to have a bit quicker response. So while jury is out, initial results are encouraging. View more reviews...
Posted By Al B (Cranberry Township, PA) / July 11, 2020
2020 Chevy Suburban
AEM DryFlow Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

good design

I have been dirt driving for 50+ years. This is better made than K&N, S&B, and some others I've tried over the years. I have a prefilter on it to extend cleaning times. Notably more power and less smoke on acceleration in my diesel. View more reviews...
Posted By Leandra U (ENCINITAS, CA) / December 1, 2015
1994 Chevy Suburban
aFe Pro-Dry S Air Filters

Worked great for my suburban

I ordered this dry style high air flow filter for my Chevy suburban because it was a dry type filter. The oiled filters tend to mess up the mass air flow sensor and in the Chevy suburban the flow sensor is right next to the filter box allowing oil to contaminate the flow sensor and messing up the computer readings. The dry filter from aFe fixed that problem View more reviews...
Posted By Christopher H (DECATUR, IL) / January 21, 2014
2004 Chevy Suburban

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