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Plymouth Neon
Air Filters

Plymouth Neon Air Filters

Breathe new life into your old Plymouth Neon with the help of one of our fresh-air harnessing Plymouth Neon air filters. One of the easiest ways to unleash more power and fuel economy than you ever thought could come out of your car, AutoAnything sells a whole array of lifetime reusable Neon air filters from the top names in the business like Injen, AFE, Green Filters, K&N, A&B, Spectre, Takeda and Volant and they're all priced lower than the competition would dare to sell them!
Even better, we promise that the prices you'll pay for any of our Plymouth Neon air filters with AutoAnything today are the lowest you can possibly find on the whole world wide web over for a year. That's our 1-year lower price guarantee. We promise that whatever you pay for your new Neon air filter today will be the best price for a year. And, should you find another company selling your new air filter for your Neon for less, just tell us and we'll issue a full refund to you—plus another dollar. We'll even ship your new Neon air filter right to your door absolutely free of charge, just as we would practically all of the other car accessories we sell! There's no better place on the web to do business.
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K&N Air Filters

Great Air filter

Every vehicle I have quads, trucks, cars all get K&N air filters. View more reviews...
Posted By jonathan h (Ionia, MI) / January 18, 2006
2001 Plymouth Neon
K&N Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

Regular Maintenance

original filter had been in place for 4 yrs with nearly 50,000 miles on it. i noticed a decline in performance & fuel economy. ordered a replacement filter, easy install and back to good running health in no time. K&N is GOOD for your engines. I would recommend it to anyone. View more reviews...
Posted By Terry S (HANOVER, VA) / December 16, 2022
2008 Ford F-250
Injen Replacement Air Intake Filters

Just what you need!

I bought this air filter and when I say it came in perfect condition, I mean it. It came spotless, with a nice stainless steel adjustable tie, and it fits very snug on the intake. It sounds so nice at wide open throttle as well, anyone looming to buy an air filter should consider buying it from INJEN View more reviews...
Posted By Nathan M (SLATERSVILLE, RI) / May 13, 2020
2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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Monday, December 10, 2018

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How Air Filters Work The internal combustion engine in your vehicle is really just a big, complex air pump. Air gets sucked in, mixed with fuel, burned and sent back out in the form of exhaust. But since air around motorways tends to be dusty, dirty, debris-laden, there needs to be a filtration device to […] The post What Do Air Filters Do? appeared first on AutoAnything Resource Center.
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