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Air Intake Systems

The quickest and most popular way to squeeze every last opportunity for power in your car or truck has to do with air consumption. The air intake system was designed from the factory to provide just enough airflow while reducing engine noise and clutter. Unfortunately, most of these designs are not designed to let the most airflow through to your engine. Think of trying to exercise while taking short small breaths, compared to taking big deep breaths. The difference is pivotal. Let that engine breathe freely with one of our cold air intake kits. Check out our Car Air Intake Systems Buying Guide.

Cold Air Intake Kits, Systems & Filters

Cold air intakes are designed to flow the most volume, and lowest possible temperature air into the engine. Colder air is more dense than warmer air, and more dense air means more oxygen, which leads to more power. The dangers of heat from the engine and exhaust can reduce power significantly. These cold air intake kits come with everything you need from the hoses and hardware, to the filter and covers. Whether you are looking for a direct fit air intake system for your make and model, or want to create a custom cold air intake yourself, we offer countless options to let your car or truck’s engine breathe better than ever.

If you want to save a little cash, and keep the stock intake design, a simple cold air intake filter will do the trick. These filter materials are far superior to the stock paper filter you see in your basic set up. They allow more airflow through, but without sacrificing filter quality. More importantly, instead of replacing your paper filter on a routine basis, these cold air intake filters can be washed and reused saving you money in the long run.

Beef up your air intake system with an aftermarket cold air intake hose. These are made with strong enough materials to reduce the chance of damaging or cracking. They also do a better job at keeping the warm air away from the intake. With huge names like K&N, AEM, BBK, and Airaid, you know you are getting the best quality products out there.

Open up the air flow of your engine with aftermarket intake parts. Optimize the flow to your engine with intake manifolds designed for maximum air efficiency. This will increase your power, efficiency, and throttle response with this performance upgrade. Whether it’s a ported factory replacement, or an entirely new manifold design, this upgrade will help pack a punch.

Whether you need a replacement OEM part, or are striving for every bit of improvement, make sure your throttle body is in its best shape. This component is the literal entryway for air into your engine. Make sure your stock throttle body is in its best shape to allow the most air into the engine as possible. Still not satisfied? Upgrade your throttle body to a high-flow throttle body made to optimize your air flow as much as possible, with best results coming from being pair with cold air intakes.

Besides fuel, air is the most important element your engine needs to make power. Whether you are striving for the best fuel efficiency, or all the power you can handle, cold air intakes and other air intake systems are the key component to get what you need. Choked up on making a decision? Get some fresh air by reading our buyer’s guides and countless reviews. Check out our Air Intake FAQ for answers to the most common questions we get asked.
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