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AEM Air Intake Systems

With AEM intakes, you and your vehicle can breathe easier knowing you are getting every last bit of power to your engine. Regarded as one of the best brands for aftermarket intake systems, these systems increase power and fuel efficiency in your car or truck. Strapping on an AEM air intake give your engine a breath of cool fresh air adding power to your power plant. Your stock intake system provided an adequate amount of airflow all while reducing engine noise and clutter. If maximum power is what you are after, maximize your airflow with the stylish AEM cold air intakes.
For over 30 years, AEM intakes have been the tuner’s choice for aftermarket intake systems. Even professional race teams take advantage of AEM’s high power capabilities. Proudly made here in the USA, AEM air intakes are known as the most powerful aftermarket intake systems around. They now are expanded to supply products to thousands of specific makes and models. Use what the racers use and feel the power with AEM cold air intakes.

AEM Cold air intakes are designed to maximize the volume of airflow being sent into your engine. The science behind it is fascinating. Cooler air is more dense than warmer air. More air means more oxygen. More oxygen leads to more potent combustion. The design of AEM air intakes route the airway to avoid any power grabbing heat without losing airflow.

The major component of AEM intakes is the reusable air filter. Most air filters in cars and trucks are a disposable paper element. The cheap paper is not the most efficient material to allow air through while filtering microns of dirt and debris. They also have an average life of three to five months. These conical style filters are guaranteed to last as long as the life of the vehicle. Gone are the days of replacing air filters every oil change. A simple cleansing makes them as good as new.

Factory intake hosing typically is made of plastic or rubber. The cheap plastic or rubber does a mediocre job of optimizing airflow while reducing temperature. AEM raises the bar with hosing and piping made to maximize airflow while keeping temperatures as low as possible. The materials are high quality that will not wear down or crack overtime. With parts custom fit to specific makes and models, each set-up comes with the appropriate connections for your stock sensors so you don’t have to drill or assemble your own.

Get your engine breathing better than ever with AEM intake kits. Simply select your make and model to see the custom fit parts for your vehicle, making installation a breeze. No special mounting or drilling required. With all the appropriate sensor connections that come with the custom fit piece, your new air intake will not draw any check engine lights. Still unsure on your decision? Check out the raving reviews for AEM. Watch the following video to see exactly what AutoAnything customers are saying about their AEM intakes: AEM Brute Force Air Intakes review video.
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Customer Reviews

AEM Cold Air Intake System

You get exactly as advertised

I had my doubts about the whole process. But to my surprise, the intake system arrived in one piece. It was an easy install and after driving a few days I noticed a quicker throttle response and a little better fuel mileage. In all VERY SATISFIED! View more reviews...
Posted By Fr S (HAMBURG, PA) / August 5, 2020
AEM DryFlow Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

Great products

Great products and great customer service as well View more reviews...
Posted By Osbardo C (Nutley, NJ) / June 30, 2020
AEM Brute Force Air Intakes

Relocating the IAT makes all the difference

Great aftermarket replacement for stock intake system on a MAF-less system like what Dodge N/A engines use. Relocating the IAT away from the engine keeps it cool and allows it to shed heat when it does heat soak. Love this product! View more reviews...
Posted By SHANE N (LITTLE ELM, TX) / May 14, 2020
2012 Dodge Charger