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Injen Air Intake Systems

Injen Air Intakes

Running your car or truck with the standard airbox and filter is like breathing out of one nostril; you're not getting the best performance and you look a bit silly doing it. Upgrading your air filter to an Injen intake system allows cool, clean air unrestricted passage into your engine, while pimping your engine bay with a great looking intake system. If you want to be quickest on the track or quickest off at the lights, you want to make sure you have every advantage, and Injen air intakes give you the best one possible.
Constructed from either T-304 stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum or roto-molded cross-linked polyethylene, you're going to get top-of-the-line thermal properties no matter which Injen intake product you choose. Each one has been designed with special CAD software utilizing the latest in fluid dynamics technology to ensure the air passing through your pipes are flowing smoothly, so you know you're getting the most efficient airflow into your engine. With an Injen intake that looks and performs so well, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't upgrade earlier.

The stock filter in your airbox is designed simply to prevent as much dust and debris as possible while still letting air through, but for the engine in your car or truck, these filters can be as bad as breathing through a wet cloth. The filters provided with Injen air intakes come in three different styles; a red "oiled' style high-performance filter that comes pre-oiled and ready for use; A blue DryFlow filter that doesn't require oiling at all; or the SuperNano-Web Dry air filter that never needs cleaning. Once you have the best filtration technology paired with a custom-designed Injen intake, your engine will be breathing fresh air and giving you maximum HP - while still keeping your fuel efficiency in check.

If you're already running a turbo but it's still fitted with the stock piping, you're missing out on its full potential. Injen has a forced induction component set so you can deck out your turbo system with stainless steel pipes that give you the maximum airflow without any of the ballooning you get from typical rubber hoses. With the intake intercooler fitted, you're ensuring the air that's being fed into your intake system is as cool as possible, allowing for the biggest bang to provide maximum power to your wheels.

With an improvement in response time, fuel efficiency, torque output and increasing the horsepower at the wheels, the range of Injen air intakes are one of the simplest and easiest upgrades you can make to get the most out of your vehicle. Don't starve your engine of the oxygen it needs, take a look at the range we offer and use our vehicle finder to find the custom solution for your ride. We offer free shipping and a 1-year price match guarantee on all our Injen products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal around. To see exactly what AutoAnything customers are saying about their Injen air intakes, watch the following video: Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake review video.
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Customer Reviews

Injen Evolution Cold Air Intake

Great CAI

I was shopping for CAI and was looking at 5 different top names . Based on reviews, looks , prices and horse power and torque gains I decided to to try the Injen. Very easy install and It's a very clean look under the hood. It looks stock and matches the look with the rest of the black plastic. It has a low growl with just an easy slow take off" nothing to "obnoxious " sounding but when you nail it , wow it sounds great View more reviews...
Posted By John G (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) / May 1, 2021
Injen IS Series Short Ram Intake

Great intake

Sounds great and adds a nice boost to performance. View more reviews...
Posted By Michael P (Torrance , CA ) / February 13, 2021
Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

Awesome intake

Easy to install. Great fit and looks great. Noticeable power increase . All the necessary parts included for install . View more reviews...
Posted By Craig M (Waialua, HI) / October 13, 2020