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S&B Air Intake Systems

Ready to upgrade your engine performance and get more power? There are many modifications you can make to give your car or truck more horsepower and make it more fun to drive. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, one of the easier and cheaper changes you can make is to install a cold air intake system. They are less expensive than a new exhaust or superchargers and they are easier to install. Cold air intakes move the air filter outside of the engine compartment. This allows for colder and more oxygen-rich air to enter the combustion chamber. The oxygen mixes with fuel and produces the explosive spark. That spark is translated to the energy necessary to power your vehicle and turn the wheels.

Depending on what type of vehicle you drive, an aftermarket cold air intake system can potentially add more horsepower to your ride. Though the horsepower numbers can vary in each vehicle, one thing is for sure - you will get improved and uninterrupted air flow and overall better engine performance. You will also see better fuel economy. Your factory-installed intake system can easily become clogged; when this happens, and your engine is not receiving enough air, it will compensate by adding more fuel. An aftermarket system takes care of this, ensuring the engine gets sufficient air so your car can “breathe easy.”

If you have already decided on modding your vehicle with a cold air intake, S&B is definitely a manufacturer you will want to take a look at. S&B’s mission statement is “To become a manufacturer of the most technically advanced, high-performance filter on the market.” They have done their homework and continue to produce a high-quality, low cost system that gets the job done. When you purchase an S&B cold air intake kit, you will get everything you need to increase your engine’s performance. They come with a massive, highly efficient air filter that is enclosed in a one piece box. Your air filter will be protected from unwanted dirt and high engine temps. The filters come in either a cleanable cotton or a dry filter. You choose which one you would prefer. Made of premium silicone rubber, S&B components will not tear or crack prematurely. S&B has thought of everything to make their systems the best. Plus, they stand behind their product, offering a million mile warranty and upgrade offers if they release a new system.

Is it worth it to upgrade your stock air intake system with a cold air system? Considering the cost and difficulty of other engine modifications, installing a cold air intake kit is relatively easy and inexpensive. You will see better engine performance overall with better airflow and efficiency. Do yourself a favor and check out S&B. When you purchase an S&B cold air intake kit, there is no doubt about it - you will be getting one of the best systems on the market. You will not regret your choice in installing an S&B cold air kit for your vehicle.

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S&B Cold Air Intake Kit

Cool Power !

A easy 15 minute install of the S&B ! View more reviews...
Posted By Steven W (MONSON, MA) / May 29, 2022
2011 Chevy Silverado