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Airaid Intakes Review - SEMA 2013

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Trenton McGee, and we’re here at SEMA 2013 in the Airaid Filter company booth. I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the advantages of Airaid Cold Air Intake systems. I’ll get into the specifics of the intake kits themselves, but really, the heart of our kits are the filters themselves. In the case of our oil filters, we have four layers of cotton gauze, but then we also add a synthetic layer to the inside. This does two things. It allows us to get the filtration down where we think it needs to be and then it also helps keep the oil that’s in the cotton gauze suspended in the media rather than getting sucked into the engine. In the case of our SynthaMax Dry, there are several layers of an all-synthetic material. It’s dyed to look just like our traditional oiled filters, but there is no oiling aid in it. It lasts for the life of the vehicle. To service the filter, simply hose it down with a common household cleaner such as Simple Green, let it soak in, rinse it from the inside out, let it dry and stick it back on the car. It’s that simple. One of the questions that we get every day is, “Which filter is better for my vehicle, the traditional oiled or the SynthaMax Dry?” It really boils down to a matter of personal preference. Both filter styles flow within five percent of one another, but the oiled will go slightly longer between cleanings. So really, it just depends. If you want to do maximum performance, well then the oiled might have a slight edge. However, we do oversize our filters so you’re not going to see that difference of flow in real life. But at the same time, the SynthaMax Dry is easier to maintain. It just depends on what’s more important to you. The other questions we get quite often are, “Do our cold air intakes work with factory tuning and do they work with the factory mass air sensors?” The answer to both questions is yes. They absolutely work with the factory tuning and with all of the factory sensors in place. Airaid Cold Air Intakes are all designed to increase power, increase torque, increase fuel economy and all without voiding the factory warranty. That’s right. None of our kits will void your factory warranty so you can install this kit and enjoy the additional power and throttle response. All of our cold air intake systems are vehicle specific and the filters themselves are backed by a lifetime warranty, they offer a simple bolt-on installation and they are all made in the USA. Best of all, you can get them at

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