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How to Clean an Air Intake's Throttle Body Spacer

The Best Throttle Body Spacer Brands

Selecting a Throttle Body Spacer for Your Ride

Cleaning Your Throttle Body Spacer

  • Open your hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Then, locate the throttle body and throttle body spacer connected to the air intake manifold.
  • Remove and label each hose from the throttle body.
  • Unscrew the air intake hose clamp and pull the intake hose away from the throttle body. Pick the throttle body and spacer up and off of the air intake manifold.
  • Use a throttle body cleaner and brush to clean the throttle body and spacer, using firm pressure until you’ve removed the built up grease and grime.
  • Once the parts are as clean as you can get them, put the throttle body back together on the intake manifold in the same way it was taken off. Tighten all bolts and hose clamps.

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