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How to Install Airaid Throttle Body Spacer

Installation Steps

This video depicts an Airaid Cold Air Intake being installed on a Chevy Silverado. Although this video is representative of most vehicles, the installation process may vary slightly for your particular vehicle.

  • Separate the air intake tube from the throttle body.
  • Remove the factory mounts that will be replaced with the Airaid system.
  • Use the 10mm female torque socket to remove the factory torque bolts.
  • Align the throttle body spacer so it points toward the intake.
  • Assemble the Airaid replacement gasket.
  • Place the newly assembled gasket between the throttle body and the throttle body spacer.
  • Carefully slide in the bolts to hold it together, and fit it against the intake.
  • Tighten down all bolts.
  • Replace the air intake tube.

Installation Breakdown

Installation Difficutly


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Installation Time

Approx Time

1 Hour

Common Tools Needed

Common Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • 10mm female torque socket

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