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Hummer H2 Replacement Air Intake Filters

When you go by the name "Slash" your career choices are somewhat narrowed. You probably won't end up with a chair on the Federal Reserve Board. However, if heavy metal is your thing and you can make a vintage Les Paul scream for mercy, it's a pretty good moniker to have. It certainly has worked for Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Saul "Slash" Hudson. He takes his bigger-than-life personality out on the street each time he heads down the road in his Hummer H2. Like his guitar needs to be tuned, you need to keep your ride equipped with performance, reusable Hummer H2 intake filters.
For your engine to really sing, it requires a huge volume of fresh clean air. Cheap paper Hummer H2 intake filters just don't cut it. They clog easily and choke off your engine. Here at AutoAnything, we recommend lifetime-reusable Hummer H2 intake filters. With their advanced materials and designs, Hummer H2 intake filters give your motor the steady stream of air it needs for peak performance. You get more power, better gas mileage and longer engine life. We always have an eye on the environment and want you to know that reusable Hummer H2 intake filters don't contribute to our landfill problem like disposable filters.
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Customer Reviews

K&N Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

Regular Maintenance

original filter had been in place for 4 yrs with nearly 50,000 miles on it. i noticed a decline in performance & fuel economy. ordered a replacement filter, easy install and back to good running health in no time. K&N is GOOD for your engines. I would recommend it to anyone. View more reviews...
Posted By Terry S (HANOVER, VA) / December 16, 2022
2008 Ford F-250
AEM DryFlow Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

Great products

Great products and great customer service as well View more reviews...
Posted By Osbardo C (Nutley, NJ) / June 30, 2020
Injen Replacement Air Intake Filters

Just what you need!

I bought this air filter and when I say it came in perfect condition, I mean it. It came spotless, with a nice stainless steel adjustable tie, and it fits very snug on the intake. It sounds so nice at wide open throttle as well, anyone looming to buy an air filter should consider buying it from INJEN View more reviews...
Posted By Nathan M (SLATERSVILLE, RI) / May 13, 2020
2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse