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Kia Soul Ram Air Intakes

The Kia Soul mini MPV certainly has an appropriate name! This vehicle will make your soul sing every time you drive! And, to make the soul of your Soul sing, add Kia Soul ram air intakes. You see, OEM air systems make your engine feel like it is suffocating. Let it breathe with Soul ram air!
Where can you get these life saving Kia Soul ram air intakes? At AutoAnything, of course! And, our Kia Soul ram intakes are quick and easy to install, so you can have all the benefits and enhanced performance of Soul ram air in no time! Breathing through a straw may have been fun when you were a kid, but it's not so fun for your Kia Soul. Satisfy your engine's thirst for air and give it a generous performance boost with a ram air intake. When you install one of these savage intakes, every cylinder in your Kia Soul gets a power-packed blast of air. You see, when equipped with a ram air scoop, ram air intakes take that puny opening car companies call an intake and replace it with an air-gulping demon that force-feeds your engine. As it turns out, adding an aftermarket intake to your Kia Soul is just one piece of the puzzle. A ram air intake opens up a whole new world of performance possibilities. Adding Ram hood scoops to the mix helps get those pistons cranking even faster by forcing even more air into your Kia Souls engine. Air scoops for Kia Soul's create a power-packed duo of form and function capable of knocking the socks off everything else on the road.
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Customer Reviews

Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

Looks Good, Sounds Great, Functional

It looks and feels well made. The intake can either be used as a short ram intake or a cold air intake. It has the mounting tabs in the right places and the recirculation and vent hose connections are in the correct locations. The sound is great you will hear your turbo spool, BOV. I used this on an 2019 Kia Soul turbo and the fit is absolutely prefect. View more reviews...
Posted By James R (BESSEMER CITY, NC) / June 27, 2019
2019 Kia Soul
K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake Systems

What A Difference!

I installed this in about an hour...No problems. You can feel the smooth response and added power right away. Gas mileage used to be around 9.3 to 8.9litres per 100km. Now it is around 8.1 to 7.9litres per 100km...It has gone down to as low as 7.17.9litres per 100km!! That is better than a 10% improvement! View more reviews...
Posted By Nazeer A (Lee, MA) / August 6, 2016
2012 Kia Soul
Takeda Air Intake Systems

2010 Soul

Overall greatly impressed. Installation was very easy and greatly increased MPG for the car. Even looks great when the hoods ups. View more reviews...
Posted By James R (Woodburn, OR) / March 31, 2012
2010 Kia Soul