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K&N #69-3530TS Cold Air Intake for the 2011-2012 Ford Fiesta

About the Part Number

When it comes to your 2011-2012 Ford Fiesta, the title of Speed Racer doesn’t really fit. Infuse the race-car power you crave into your Ford Fiesta with a new K&N intake. With this custom engineered 69-Series Typhoon cold air intake working hard under your compact’s hood, your ride experiences a power party like never before. The intake shoves an icy-cool burst of power-packed air straight to your engine, so you instantly see an improvement in horses and torque.

This cold air intake comes equipped with all the quality hardware you need for a painless installation, like steel brackets, reinforced silicone hoses, aluminum air sensor adapters, stainless hose clamps and more. What’s more, installation takes less than 90 minutes. And, the K&N 69-3530TS is backed by the famous 10-year / Million Mile Limited Warranty.

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