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Mitsubishi Galant Ram Air Intakes

Is your Mitsubishi Galant seeming a bit boring these days? Breathe a little fresh air into your Mitsubishi Galant's performance with a Mitsubishi Galant ram air intake or Mitsubishi Galant air scoop from AutoAnything. With our one-year lower price guarantee and fast, free shipping, ordering your Mitsubishi Galant ram air intake or Mitsubishi Galant air scoop from AutoAnything is a breeze.
What's more, our Mitsubishi Galant ram air intakes and Mitsubishi Galant air scoops are custom fitted for your vehicle so they are easy to install – which will make you breathe a little easier too. Breathing through a straw may have been fun when you were a kid, but it's not so fun for your Mitsubishi Galant. Satisfy your engine's thirst for air and give it a generous performance boost with a ram air intake. When you install one of these savage intakes, every cylinder in your Mitsubishi Galant gets a power-packed blast of air. You see, when equipped with a ram air scoop, ram air intakes take that puny opening car companies call an intake and replace it with an air-gulping demon that force-feeds your engine. As it turns out, adding an aftermarket intake to your Mitsubishi Galant is just one piece of the puzzle. A ram air intake opens up a whole new world of performance possibilities. Adding Ram hood scoops to the mix helps get those pistons cranking even faster by forcing even more air into your Mitsubishi Galants engine. Air scoops for Mitsubishi Galant's create a power-packed duo of form and function capable of knocking the socks off everything else on the road.
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Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

Best cold air intake

I orderd online and the operator was really helpful! I new what I all ready wanted so I washelped fast Nd they answerd all my questions too. Overall I love the new injen intake system for my car!!! View more reviews...
Posted By Mario G (San Antonio, TX) / January 20, 2012
2000 Mitsubishi Galant
HPS Performance Short Ram Air Intakes

Excellent quality product

I was very much hoping that it would give me a slight improvement in acceleration but that isn't the case. It does accelerate smoother and have seen a very distinctive 2mpg better in mileage. Install was fairly simple but a mild instruction sheet would be helpful. View more reviews...
Posted By Alan M (Las Cruces, NM) / August 9, 2022
2015 Chevy Colorado