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What are the Best Ram Air Intakes?

Ram Air Intakes

We all know that the best Ram air intakes are custom-made for your ride, and a short Ram intake to boost performance and give your vehicle a quick breath of fresh air to recharge its roar. With additional airflow, you instantly experience a boost in acceleration and total engine power. What are some of the best Ram air kits available to discerning drivers? Given that we consider countless cold air intake reviews, you can put stock in our favorites:

aFe Ram Air Intakes

aFe Ram Air Intakes

Ram Air Intakes

aFe Intake

aFe’s Cold Air Intake System supplies monumental power gains with your choice of performance and filter options. From a kit that replaces a few restrictive stock parts to one that replaces the entire stock intake system with custom-tuned components, aFe delivers the performance you seek. And, each kit boasts a powder coated steel heat shield to keep the airflow cool. Experience the most efficient air intake possible—with gains of up to 50 horsepower!

Up to 3 high-performance filters:
  • aFe Original: aFe's original high-performance filter; 5-layers of pre-oiled cotton gauze (Blue)
  • Pro-Guard 7: aFe's patented heavy-duty filter, 5-layers of pre-oiled cotton gauze with 2-layers of non-woven polyester (Yellow)
  • Pro-Dry S: aFe's oil-free filter, synthetic materials requires no oil-the easiest-to-service filter in the lineup (Grey)

Banks Super Scoop

If you have a Banks or Volant Air Intake, the Super-Scoop will add a breath of fresh air to your current system. The Banks Super Scoop Ram Air Kit connects below your front bumper for maximum intake. Drawing in gulps of cool air, the scoop provides the air density you need to take engine performance to the next level. The Super-Scoop can muscle through imperfect road conditions and crazy weather as well. Rainwater and debris simply funnel out the bottom.

Volant Ram Air Intakes

Volant Ram Air Intakes

Volant Cold Air intake

Volant cold air intakes employ polyethylene ducts to allow your ride to breathe easy. Their custom-designed kits boost horsepower, torque and even MPG, and boast a racy style with a Chrome Volant box lid to provide easy filter access. With increases of up to 18 horsepower and 40 ft/lbs. of torque, Volant with be the one that you love when it comes to giving your vehicle what it needs to rule the road.

K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit

While Air Supply was a legend in the 80’s, K&N continues to make history with their line of K&N cold air intake systems. The FIPK is powered by the famous K&N Filtercharger cotton-gauze air filter, which is washable and reusable for the life of your vehicle. The custom-molded crosslink nylon intake tube and parabolic diverter chamber provide the power, torque and throttle response your performance vehicle needs to leave the competition in its dust.

AEM Brute Force Intake

The CNC mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum intake pipe on this AEM Cold Air Intake delivers pure power and performance to your mean machine. AEM’s Dryflow Filter Technology requires no oil and installs in a snap with a complete soft-mount hardware kit and easy instructions. The Brute Force Intake comes with AEM's Power Spacer throttle body spacer for models where it improves performance.

What's the Best Ram Air Intake for You?

With the power and prowess of a cold air intake, your car will flex its lungs and fly down the road. You will feel so good you may even bust a road karaoke version Air Supply’s mega-hit “All Out of Love.” We approve.

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