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Airbag Sensor

There are a lot of components within your vehicle’s airbag system. All are equally important to ensuring your air bag deploys in the event of an emergency. Airbag sensors, also known as crash sensors, alert you airbag module when you’ve been involved in a crash. If your airbag warning light starts flashing, a new airbag sensor is necessary to keep everything in working order. Find your direct-fit replacement at AutoAnything.
A vital component to your vehicle’s safety system, the airbag sensor is responsible for signaling the onboard computers during a sudden, extreme deceleration. Airbag sensors are reliably calibrated to strike an exact balance to where they set off your airbags when they’re needed and don’t deploy when unnecessary. Your airbag system is not something you want to ignore when problems arise. Replace damaged sensors and wires immediately with direct-fit replacement sensors from AutoAnything. Enjoy the added benefit of our 1-Year, Lower Price Guarantee.
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