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The Chevy Camaro vs. the Dodge Charger: Which Muscle Car Reigns Supreme?

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Muscle cars are like anything else. They each offer a varying range of performance and quality. But you’d be amazed at the difference between models within the same price range. Take the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Charger, for example.

The 2010 Chevy Camaro features a direct-injected V6 or an optional V8 engine, with the V6's 300 hp capable of propelling it from zero to 60 in only six seconds, and the V8's 426 hp able to catapult it to the 60-mph mark in five seconds flat. In comparison, the Dodge Charger is equipped with two versions of the V6 engine, a rental-car-grade 178 hp engine and one that features 250 hp. While the improvement between the two models is substantial, it’s still a far cry from the Camaro. So how can Dodge enthusiasts still defend it as though it were their mother’s honor? The answer is simple: add-ons.

Both vehicles feature a wide array of improvements related to design and convenience, such as the improved braking components seen in the Camaro brake rotors and Charger brake rotors, or the race-like appearance of the interior with the addition of specially-designed Dodge Charger gauges and Chevy Camaro gauges. If you’re in the market and interested in comparing the two or simply looking for ideas to upgrade an older model, here are some of the most popular upgrades currently on the market.


Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your stock components or replace a cracked headlight, a Dodge Charger headlight or Chevy Camaro headlight provides the perfect solution. Custom-designed to provide a direct, bolt-on replacement for your stock headlights, a Dodge Charger headlight or Chevy Camaro headlight simply plugs into your factory wiring harness, eliminating the need for splicing, soldering or rewiring.

Air Filters

One of the easiest and most affordable add-ons to improve overall performance is a Chevy Camaro air filter or Dodge Charger air filter. Air filters save on maintenance costs while providing a boost to your fuel efficiency (1-3 mpg on average). In addition, many performance air filters work most effectively with a cold air intake, like Camaro cold air intakes or Charger cold air intakes, increasing horsepower even more by feeding air from behind an air dam.

Car Covers & Bras

Even seemingly deserted street can leave your vehicle exposed to birds, weather, dust and other elements that can scratch and oxidize your paint job. Car covers, like Dodge Charger car covers and Chevy Camaro car covers, are custom-tailored to your vehicle’s specific make, model and year, providing the longest-lasting wear and highest level of protection through a custom-tailored fit and high-grade reinforced construction. Similarly, Camaro car bras and Charger car bras protect your front end from flying debris while on the road.


Shock absorbers, like uniquely-engineered Chevy Camaro shocks or Charger shocks, are robotically-welded for accuracy and quality construction. Available as custom-fit, universal performance shocks, OEM-style and even factory replacements, each is specially-tuned to your make, model and year to renew your vehicle to its fresh-off-the-line level of performance.

Performance Exhaust System

Unlike stock components that simply provide a conduit for spent gases to escape, performance exhaust systems, like Dodge Charger performance exhaust systems and Chevy Camaro performance exhaust systems are engineered to maximize your engine’s exhaust flow, allowing it to breathe easier and immediately boosting horsepower and torque by up to 5-10 percent. When coupled with additional performance components, like a Chevy Camaro Muffler or Dodge Charger Muffler, they’re just the thing when you’re looking to boost performance and aren’t afraid to unleash the window-rattling rumble of your engine.

When it comes to aftermarket and replacement parts, “generic” is a dirty word around here. The Chevy Camaro accessories and Dodge Charger accessories you’ll find at AutoAnything are designed specifically for your make, model and year.