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Top Mods: The Best F-150 Horsepower Upgrades

1. Air Intake or High-Flow Replacement Filter

  • Cotton-gauze filter mediums save you money – most can be reused eternally
  • Straightforward installation period – installation takes 30 minutes or less
  • Manufactured for a picture-perfect fit in your specific engine

2. Throttle Body Spacer (for naturally aspirated models only)

  • Enhances your ride’s off-idle to mid-range performance and efficiency
  • Organizes air molecules to maintain high velocity
  • Made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum or a unique, glass-filled nylon composite

3. Cat Back Exhaust

  • Mandrel-bent tubing improves exhaust flow and keeps back-pressure low
  • Highly fuel efficient to cut down on time spent at the pump
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation

4. Tuner

  • Full-color display, as well as diurnal/nocturnal driving modes (varies from tuner to tuner)
  • Adjusts your speed limiter, tire size, rev limit and DTC reader as needed
  • Pre-programmed settings suitable for the everyday driver

5. Headers (Gas) or Downpipes for Ecoboost

  • Header flanges port turbulence and improve scavenging to improve flow
  • Downpipes eliminate bottleneck between turbo and the exhaust
  • Hands-on installation is ideal for do-it-yourselfers

6. Larger Throttle Body

  • Fully-equipped with bearings, throttle shafts and die-stamped linkage for reliability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit your specificationsn
  • Done-in-a-jiffy, bolt-on installation process