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How to Increase Horsepower & Torque for Your GMC Sierra

1. Air Intake or High-Flow Replacement Filter

  • Powered by cotton-gauze filter mediums that can be washed and reused for life
  • Parabolic diverter chamber increases air velocity while smoothing out flow
  • Include instructions and hardware for installation made easy

2. Throttle Body Spacer (for naturally aspirated models only)

  • Constructed from either aircraft-grade billet aluminum or a glass-filled nylon composite
  • Channels air/fuel mixture into your combustion chamber for bigger kick and better mileage
  • Durably crafted to last years under intense conditions

3. Cat Back Exhaust

  • Mandrel-bent from aluminized or stainless steel to reduce the bane of backpressure
  • Available in single-, dual-, rear- and side-exit configurations to suit your Sierra
  • Comes with all the mufflers, tubes, tips & hardware you need to get the job done

4. Tuner

  • Modifies your Sierra’s computer and adjusts your speed limiter, tire size and rev limit
  • Includes connector, USB cables (varying sizes), software installation disc and more
  • Free online updates available through your PC

5. Upgraded Intercooler (Diesel)

  • Fully equipped with necessary pipes, hoses, boots, hardware and T-bolt clamps
  • Larger-than-stock core area optimizes transference of heat for better cooling
  • Intercooler kits include every tool you require for a painless install

6. Headers (Gas) or High-Flow Downpipe (Diesel)

  • Headers and downpipes are both mandrel-bent to fit in place of your OEM parts
  • Deliver deeper, hair-raising exhaust notes
  • Hardware included for bolt-on installation

7. Larger Throttle Body

  • Innovative design improves air velocity to your engine’s intake manifold
  • Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum to last the long haul
  • Direct factory fitment – needs no modification

8. Supercharger (Gas) or Upgraded Turbo (Diesel)

  • Intercooler airflow technology for superchargers keeps temperatures low
  • Ported shroud compressor for diesel rigs controls compressor surge and turbo bark
  • Durably fashioned to survive any adventure

9. Meth Injection (Diesel)

  • Catalyzes combustion and keeps temperatures down
  • Increases air-charge densities by up to 5 psi
  • Cuts down on tailpipe emissions in a big way