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How to Replace Your Automotive Cooling Fan

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Upgrading the exterior of your ride is relatively easy. But, looks will only get you so far. And, if you can’t back up the attitude with performance under the hood, the race is over before it’s even started. One of the biggest corruptors of performance is a hot engine. To keep things as cool as The Fonz, you need a quality, performance-grade automotive cooling fan blowing on your engine block. Still riding around with stock parts under the hood? With just a few common tools and a little spare time, you’re well on your way to a do-it-yourself upgrade.

Mounted on the back of the radiator on the side closest to the engine is one or two electric cooling fans inside a protective housing. Designed to direct air flow, car cooling fans – like Ford cooling fans, GMC cooling fans and Toyota cooling fans – promote air flow through the radiator when your vehicle is traveling at a slow rate of speed or stopped with the engine running. It’s unlikely that something will go wrong with the fan itself. The motor is usually the culprit when things stop working. So, here’s how to replace it.

Note: these are general instructions and may not be applicable to every make, model and year. Before beginning any maintenance on your vehicle, always consult your owner’s manual for additional instructions and safety precautions.

Step 1:

Locate the car cooling fan.

Step 2:

Disconnect the power from the fan by locating the cable that runs from the fan to the engine and pulling it free of the fan motor.

Step 3:

Remove the connecting hardware, including screws, bolts, clips or anything else that holds the automotive cooling fan housing in place. Take your time and make a mental note of where each part came from to avoid guessing during reinstallation.

Step 4:

Remove anything else that stands in the way of removing the fan and housing. Due to the size of the housing, any parts located directly above the fan must be removed. Again, make sure to pay attention to what you’re doing as everything that comes off must go back on.

Step 5:

With a firm grip on the housing, lift the car cooling fan and housing from the car, wiggling it slightly if necessary to free it from the surrounding components. DO NOT FORCE IT. Doing so can break the housing or a nearby component.

Step 6:

Lay the unit on a flat surface, preferably at a comfortable working level. Then take the fan blade off the shaft by releasing the set screw or pin holding it in place and sliding it off the shaft.

Step 7:

Release the motor from the housing by removing the screws holding it in place.

Step 8:

Attach the new motor to the housing and reverse the removal process detailed above.

Step 9:

Check your work by starting your vehicle and turning on the air conditioner to the maximum setting. This will engage the fan. And with that, you’ve just changed your automotive cooling fan!

Car cooling fans, like Chevy cooling fans and Honda cooling fans, are an essential component in the performance of your vehicle, doubly so if you’ve made other performance-enhancing upgrades to your engine. Luckily, saving a ton of money by replacing it yourself doesn’t require an advanced degree, just some time and patience.

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