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Making a Mobile Movie Theater

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The audience is listening…but not to you. They're jumping from seat to seat like chimps in heat, screaming out the window and waving at the cop as he pulls up behind you. Avoid the flashing red and blue by keeping your passengers in their seats. As with anything, there are many ways to go about this—some that include force, others that don't. But, unless you're willing to drop a sleeping pill into their apple juice, you're going to have to resort to something a little more tactical. Why not install a mobile movie theater? For less than the cost of a set of Hannibal Lecter restraints, you can keep the little monsters in their seats and happily entertained for hours. Here's how.

It kind of goes without saying, but the best upgrades are those that require almost no installation. Chief among these is a headrest monitor. Featuring a 9" LCD screen that produces a bright, bold picture with a wide range of input options, a headrest monitor operates independently of its companion monitor, allowing everybody to watch whatever they want, from Hannah Montana to Transformers. A headrest monitor, often referred to as a car monitor, boasts a sleek look that matches the shape, fabric and color of your stock headrests, providing a quality, tech-savvy appearance that can even boost your resale value.

Many headrest monitors feature built-in car DVD players, minimizing the number of outlets required for operation and freeing up much-needed space for cargo, with wiring tucked neatly away behind the headrest post. Car DVD players aren't like the giant, clunky models you have at home. They feature state-of-the-art touch-screen controls, allowing your backseat passengers to swap discs without leaving the safety of their seat belt or car seat.

If installing things into your headrest isn't for you, there's another option: an overhead DVD player. Mounted up high, an overhead DVD player adds a deluxe screen to your ceiling. It's fully visible by everyone in your backseat and available in an 8.5", 10.2" or 11" screen size. Like a headrest monitor, an overhead DVD player also comes with a built-in DVD player, features A/V inputs for connecting portable video games, and comes with a USB 2.0 port for plugging in your iPod. They're simple to install, securely attaching to your ceiling with a universal mounting bracket, and come in a choice of grey or tan to match your interior.

Tech tip: Keep the cords to a minimum and pick up a couple pairs of wireless headphones, enabling your passengers to stay plugged in to their programming while you enjoy some music of your own. Many high-end overhead DVD players even include one pair as part of the kit.

The only thing missing now is the popcorn.

A headrest monitor or car monitors, used with car DVD players, keep your younger passengers quietly entertained and allow you to focus on the road…or the text messages you're sending while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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