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Summertime Car Accessories

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There are some things that are as much a part of summer as the sun itself: barbeques, beaches, bikinis, and the classic Will Smith jam, “Summertime,” to name just a few. But for auto enthusiasts, the list doesn’t stop there. And with summertime car accessories, the groove isn’t the only thing slightly transformed.

Seat Covers & Car Bras

From sand and wet bathing suits to sun lotion and sweat, the seats in your car or truck can look pretty grimy at the end of the season. Rather than spend time cleaning your upholstery, why not just cover it up before hand? Seat covers keep your upholstery looking its best and provide a barrier between your valuable interior and the damaging forces that can quickly stain your seats and take a sizable chunk out of your resale value. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, seat covers also make the perfect upgrade to the overall appearance of your interior, providing personalized style. Even better, they’re easily washed in any standard washing machine. Along the same lines, car bras keep your front end looking pristine and free of nicks, scratches and other damage caused by flying rocks and road debris.

Car Mats

Heavy-duty car mats are another must-have for summer. They keep the sand, spills and other messes neatly contained while protecting your floorboards. Custom-tailored to each make, model and year, they come perfectly cut for any vehicle and provide maximum coverage that far exceeds that provided by stock floor mats. Best of all, they won’t cover up your floor controls.

Car Sun Shades

Even if you park in the shade, climbing back into your car after leaving it parked for a couple of hours feels like cremation. Car sun shades put up an impenetrable barrier of protection again both the heat and damaging UV rays that can leave your dash and interior cracked and faded. Proven to reduce interior temperatures up to 40 degrees, car sun shades reflect heat off their silver exterior while the soft felt interior and foam core combine to provide additional insulation against heat.

Bike Roof Racks

Why? Because jamming gear into the back of a vehicle is for suckers. Unlike a hitch rack that’s often used in conjunction with hitch trailers, bike roof racks are considered superior for their ability to store bikes up and out of the way, keeping all your gear out of your field of vision. High-quality bike roof racks are forged from steel tubing and capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight, easily accommodating mountain bikes and most other models.

Rain Guards

Believe it or not, rain guards aren’t just for rainy weather. They add an aerodynamic element to the sides of your vehicle that channels the airflow away, reducing wind noise to provide a quieter, more relaxing drive while also preventing bugs from flying in as you cruise around town.

Dash covers and car seat covers are two of the most popular add-ons for those looking to protect the interior of their vehicle against the pitfalls of summer. Because remember: it only takes one cherry Slurpee to forever mar your upholstery and floorboards.

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