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What is Death Wobble?

The causes of death wobble

  • More than likely, the problem can be traced back to the track bar. Whether the bar itself has loosened or warped over time or its bushing has worn down, it won’t take much elbow grease to right this particular wrong. Simply re-tighten the front track bar bolt to a rating of about 125 ft lbs, and you’ll be back on track.
  • If that’s not it, look to your ball joints. Unfortunately, OE ball joints with plastic components tend to give out quicker than those without — especially on applications with larger tires on wheels with less backspacing. Because of their molecular composition, these heat-sensitive parts could very well have melted off. To prevent this the next time around, have them removed prior to welding C-gussets onto your front axle.
  • The third possibility is that your tires have become unbalanced. Given all the off-roading you do, your gut instinct may have been to jump to this conclusion but it’s actually not as common as the above causes. Nevertheless, tires in this condition put undue strain on your suspension and if you don’t deal with them right away, things are likely to come undone down below. You’ll almost be able to trace a path to your destruction by the bolts you leave behind.

Fixing death wobble

Get your tires balanced

Set your caster

Remove your steering stabilizer

Check your front track bar

Check your ball-joints

Tighten those bolts

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