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AVS Bug Deflectors: Comparing the Different Types

BY Thomas S.

Splat! If you’re tired of bugs, pebbles and other road-debris damaging your ride’s front-end, then it’s time to invest in a bug deflector or hood shield. But, with so many options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

Fortunately, we’re here to help you decide so you won’t have to put up with unsightly bug guts, chips and scratches any longer. Keep reading to learn more about the five different types of hood protectors offered by industry leader AVS, headquartered right here in the USA.



Cutting-edge in every sense of the word, the Aeroskin is specially designed to follow the contours of your ride’s hood. Available in multiple finishes, including smoke, matte-black and chrome, these Aeroskin hood deflectors are manufactured from an acrylic material that’s wear-resistant and car-wash-safe. You can count on an Aeroskin deflector to deliver both superior protection and a flush-mounted fit that complements your style.


Aeroskin II

Engineered to flow with the contours of your vehicle, just like the original Aeroskin, the Aeroskin II provides unrivaled hood protection against any potential road hazards. Featuring a low-profile design with deflection and a raised lip across the center, this first-rate hood protector also protects your windshield and is easy to install. No drilling is necessary.



A more traditional bug deflector when it comes to hood-width, the Bugflector provides excellent protection for your hood and windshield from bugs, rocks, road-debris and more to keep your hood looking like new. Featuring a full-profile design, each Bugflector is built from a specially impact-modified acrylic material that resists everyday wear. They, too, can be sent through the car-wash without fear of damage.


Bugflector II

More aerodynamic than the original Bugflector, the Bugflector II displays a wrap-around design to create a classic look, while still providing the protection your hood, windshield and fender all need. Sporting a sleek, high-profile design with a raised lip, this top-of-the-line component deflects bugs and debris up and over the windshield. Also, boasting off-the-hood functionality, the Bugflector II allows for convenient washing and waxing.



Protect your hood, windshield and fender from mud, sand, dust, rocks, debris and more with the low-profile design of a Hoodflector. An even lower profile than the Bugflector II, the Hoodflector complements your ride’s contours and is constructed from an extremely durable and impact-modified acrylic. Also, car-wash safe, this is a hood protector you can depend on to keep your ride looking good for years to come.



Uniquely designed for use on cars and CUVs, the Carflector boasts the same great benefits you can find on other AVS bug shields. Medium-profile Carflector hood shields are capable of protecting your hood, windshield and fender and are manufactured from an impact-modified acrylic. They are – you guessed it – wear-resistant and car-wash-safe. Plus, they complement the contours of your hood to ensure it always looks as good as the day you first drove it off the lot.

Now that you know a little more about the many options available to you, you’re ready to wield a shield and defend your ride’s front-end from the dangers of the road ahead.

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