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Full Tailgate Protectors

Your tailgate does a lot for you and doesn’t ask for much in return. It holds your cargo in place and prevents it from sliding out. Your truck bed is constantly carrying anything from bikes to kayaks, tools to 2x4’s, and everything in between. Let’s face it, your truck bed and tailgate see a lot of traffic. All that gear rolls around and slides into your tailgate often. Protect the inside of your gate from all of your cargo by installing a full tailgate protector. A tailgate protector is the ultimate guard for your truck's finish. It will keep the tailgate looking just like it did when it rolled off the lot. At the same time, it will enable you to haul what you need without worrying about damaging your truck. After everything your tailgate does for you, it’s time to show your tailgate some love and install a tailgate cover.

With all the ways in which you use your truck, its tailgate can take a major beating. From heavy lumber pieces to canoes and bicycles, bulky and weighty items may easily scratch, dent and damage your tailgate's exterior. Fortunately, you do have options for effective tailgate protection. AutoAnything is your best source for tailgate caps and protectors, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers such as Dee Zee, Access and Putco. 

Why Do You Need Tailgate Protectors?

You do your best to secure your cargo during transport. You position and tie down each item carefully to avoid it sliding around or worse, falling out of your truck bed. But what happens while you're loading or unloading that cargo? You may gingerly shift it across or over your truck's tailgate, but sharp corners and edges can still scratch the paint job. After years of hauling cargo, your tailgate can look pretty beat up.

Tailgate protectors prevent this all-too-common problem by covering your tailgate's surface. While each model's design is a little different, many incorporate flat metal panels with beveled edges. These products give you an even surface to help you easily load and unload your items, saving you time and effort. They also form a barrier between your cargo and your tailgate, keeping it free of cosmetic and physical damage. 

How To Install Tailgate Protectors

Tailgate caps and protectors are relatively easy to install. While some drilling may be required, you can install your protector in just a matter of minutes. It mounts on the inside surface of your tailgate, forming a solid shield that withstands impacts and weather exposure. Follow your manufacturer's instructions when installing your protector. 

Best Types of Tailgate Protectors

You'll probably notice that nearly all tailgate covers and protectors are made of metal. Most tailgate protectors are made from stainless steel, but each product is unique in its construction. To choose the best one for your truck, be sure to check out each product's specs. AutoAnything's metal tailgate covers are priced within easy reach: Your savings come from our One-Year Lower Price Guarantee. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying items throughout our store. 

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Customer Reviews

Dee Zee Full Tailgate Protector

It is perfect.

Very good fit. In fact it was a perfect fit. 3M tape is excellent. It could use another strip tape on the top lip but it is fine like it easy. Very nice fit and finish. View more reviews...
Posted By DANNY A (Albany, GA) / April 25, 2020
Access Tailgate Protector

2018 F350 Tailgate Protector - highly recommended

The sheet is a very nice piece of heavy stainless steel with a slight bend on the top edge to provide a smooth transition. The fit was good and installation simple. It is laser cut and the edges are unfinished so I filed and sanded them to eliminate the sharp edge. I also painted mine after sanding the entire surface (100# grit worked well) as it is very smooth. Painting is not necessary if you like the shiny stainless steel look but I wanted to match the rest of the bed. Very functional. View more reviews...
Posted By Winton Y (HONOLULU, HI) / August 1, 2018
2018 Ford F-350