What Are the Best Shocks and Struts for My Vehicle?

BY Erin C.

There are many factors that go into the issue of how to choose the best shocks. Top of the list –the intended use for the shocks – finding the right set of shocks and struts depends equally on where and how you drive your ride. We’ve dug a little deeper into the subject to provide the research you need to decide which shocks or struts are the best for your way of life.

daily driver

Replacing the shocks on your daily driver is all about comfort and control. If your vehicle spends most of its time between city streets and highway commutes, twin tube shocks are just right for you. Affordable twin tube shocks provide the control you need without sacrificing comfort, automatically adjusting to road conditions. Check out a set of KYB Excel-G Shocks & Struts, Bilstein Touring Class Shocks & Struts or Gabriel Ultra Shocks & Struts.

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towing & hauling

Heavy-duty is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter if your ride is stock height or lifted to the heavens, you need a large-body set of shocks or struts designed to deliver the ride comfort you want when running empty and the handling you need when you’re working hard. Monotube shocks are designed to thrive under the most demanding conditions – try Bilstein Heavy Duty  Series Shocks, Gabriel HiJacker Shocks and KYB MonoMax Shocks & Struts.

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The rigors of off-roading create special circumstances for your suspension. From washboard roads to behemoth boulders, your struts need to provide control for cornering and a comfy ride with longer travel for suspension flex. Monotube shocks deliver the additional heat dissipation you need or try coilover shocks to get the job done in one assembly. Treat your 4x4 to Bilstein 5100, FOX 2.0 Performance Series or Rancho RS9000XL Shocks & Struts.

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From the strip to the street, your most inspired driving is done with what we’ll call a little extra oomph. To ensure your suspension lives up to its tire-squealing potential, you may need a firmer, more responsive shock.  Another key component to look for in a performance shock is the ability to adjust dampening which allows you to dial in the perfect response and firmness  Our essential performance upgrades include Belltech Street Performance (best for street trucks), KONI Yellow and KYB AGX Shocks & Struts. Kick it up an extra notch with a coilover kit from Eibach or Belltech for trucks.

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Fortunately, there are shock and strut upgrades available for all types of vehicles and all types of performance. If you need help deciding which way to go, let us know below or give us a call at (800) 874-8888.