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Is it Easy to Install & Uninstall a Bike Rack?

Installing/Uninstalling a Bike Rack
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Unless you plan on riding around your neighborhood, taking your bicycle out for a nice ride always seems like such a hassle. By the time you borrow a truck that you can throw the bicycle into the bed of, or by the time you disassemble the tires so that you can fit the bike into your trunk, you barely have any energy to follow through with the bike ride. But, when it comes to installing a bike rack, you’re skeptical. Is it really that simple to install a bike rack and uninstall a bike rack?

Thule T2 Hitch Bike Carrier

Thule T2 Hitch Bike Carrier

Installing & Uninstalling Your Bike Rack

The answer is yes. At least, it is when you choose a bicycle rack made by one of the most-trusted brands in the biz, like Thule, Yakima or Allen. Whether you need a Honda CRV bike rack or a bike rack for Jeep Liberty, these manufacturers design a bike rack that fits your specific vehicle and is easy to use. Plus, they’re crafted from top-notch materials, delivering the most secure transport of your bicycles.

When it comes to bicycle racks options, there are several styles for you to pick from. Choose from roof-mounted bike racks, trunk-mounted bike racks and more. A hitch bike rack attaches securely to your trailer hitch receiver, making it simple to load and unload your bicycles, no matter where you venture. Plus, with a bike hitch rack, you simply plant your bicycles into the secure cradles and you’re all set to go.

Yakima DoubleDown Bike Rack

Yakima DoubleDown Bike Rack

The Types of Bike Racks

Another great option is the truck bed bike rack. Rather than simply throwing your bicycle into the bed of your truck and letting it bang around, a truck bed bike rack keeps your road racer or beach cruiser from getting beat up while you drive. Or, you can make use of your SUV’s spare tire when you set your ride up with a spare tire bike rack.

Before you make your purchase, check out the bike rack reviews on our website to help you make your buying decision. You can compare popular brands, like Allen bike racks vs. Yakima bike racks. Or, you can read up on whether the hitch mount bike rack or the trunk mount bike rack is easier to use.

Product Comparison
Thule T2 Hitch Bike Carrier
Yakima DoubleDown Bike Rack
Thule Vertex Hitch Bike Rack
Product Name
Sale Price
Customer Rating (34) (48)
Ease of Installation
Capacity2 bikes2 bikes2 bikes
4 bikes4 bikes4 bikes
5 bikes5 bikes
Capacity RangeUp to 2 BikesUp to 2 BikesUp to 2 Bikes
Up to 4 BikesUp to 4 BikesUp to 4 Bikes
Up to 5 BikesUp to 5 Bikes
Carrying DesignTire MountFrame MountFrame Mount
Folding ActionFold UpFold DownFold Down
Mounting DesignFits 1 1/4" ReceiversFits 1 1/4" ReceiversHitch Mount
Fits 2" ReceiversFits 2" Receivers
StyleHitch MountHitch Mount
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

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