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Tail-Gator Bike Racks Customer Reviews

Tail-Gator Truck Tailgate Bike Rack Reviews

Reviewed by Marty K (Laguna Beach, CA) — 2012-02-27 15:53:04

The Tail-Gator worked perfectly on our recent camping trip(270 miles RT). I thought the cantilever design might cause the bikes to bounce excessively. Not the case, they were stable and secure. The bikes easily cleared the tongue of our tent trailer. The padding seems to be adequate as there was no rubbing marks on the trucks paint. Very easy to install and remove. The only thing that may need a little attention are the saddles. The saddles can slide on the slick paint surface, even when the set screws are tightened to the max. I may have to rough-up the paint surface a little so they grip better. All in all I am very pleased with how the Gator worked.

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