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Which Billet Grille Material Is Right for Me?

ProZ LED Billet Grille


Billet grilles offer your truck a customized look and enhanced aesthetics. They also keep rocks and other road-hazards from scraping your front-end, but with options galore, you can find yourself too overwhelmed to decide. In this article, you’ll learn about the different materials used in billet grilles and discover which one is right for your vehicle.

Steel Billet Grille on Ford

Stainless Steel

World-renowned for its strength and corrosion-resistance, stainless steel is a popular metal used for crafting billet grilles. The reason that it resists rust so successfully is that it has a high chromium content. In fact, for steel to be considered stainless, it needs to have at least a 10.5% chromium content. Plus, stainless steel is incredibly tough, resilient and easily fashioned into a multitude of forms and shapes.

Just like the aluminum, there are two types of stainless steel used in billet grilles. The more economical of the two, 409 series stainless steel, is commonly used for many different automotive accessories because of its sturdiness. The other type of stainless steel, 304, is another popular automotive metal. It has a higher chromium content for the ultimate corrosion-resistance.

Some popular stainless steel billet grilles include E&G Classics Mesh Grilles, GrillCraft MX Series Steel Mesh Grilles and the Putco Punch Grille.

ABS Plastic Corrosion Resistant Billet Grille

ABS Plastic

The most cost-effective billet grille material available is ABS Plastic. Widely used across the entire automobile accessories spectrum, ABS Plastic is a lightweight, rigid and durable thermoplastic material. While it is not as strong as stainless steel or aluminum, ABS Plastic still makes an excellent medium for building billet grilles because the plastic is impervious to rust and quite durable. For added customization, it can usually be painted to match or accent your stock paint. For high quality ABS billet grilles, turn to a Street Scene Custom Grille Shell with Grille Inserts or ProZ Premium Studded Mesh Grille.

Aluminum T REX billet grille


The material most widely used in the billet grille industry is aluminum — for good reasons, too. Aluminum is known for its strength, versatility, low-density, durability and resistance to corrosion. Because of its malleability, aluminum can easily be rolled, stamped, drawn, spun, hammered or forged into almost any shape, making it the ideal metal for the automotive and aerospace industries.

While there are seven different types of aluminum alloy, billet grille manufacturers use either the 5xxx or 6xxx series. The difference between these two types is that they are wrought from different alloy components. 5xxx series aluminum uses magnesium as its principle alloy, which makes it mild to moderately strong. In the 6xxx series, a mixture of magnesium and silicon are used, producing a higher-strength aluminum.

Some aluminum billet grille favorites are GrillCraft BG Series Billet Grilles, Putco Shadow Billet Bumper Grilles and the T-Rex Billet Grille.

Now that you know about the three different materials used in the construction of billet grilles, scroll through our vast array and pick your favorite by clicking the Shop Now button below.