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LED Grilles

LED Grilles For Sale - Shop Custom Truck Grilles with LED Lights

Want to add style and function to your ride? Look no further than LED grilles. Truck grills with LED lights not only attract attention and look stylish, they also act as response lights and marker lights. If you are into off-roading and overlanding, LED lights for truck grills definitely come in handy. Any overlander who gets into camp late can testify that dash lights just aren’t enough sometimes. Pair some LED lights with your dash lights or a light bar for some additional - yet often necessary - light while setting up camp. They will also help when navigating through terrain at night. In some cases, you can eliminate the need for a light bar altogether with the illuminating power of these LED's.

If you are hesitant to invest in a custom grille because you are unsure of how it will hold up, we can assure you, LED grilles are a smart and durable addition to your truck. There is always a chance when you are off road that you come across a water obstacle, but we offer LED lights that are waterproof so you don't need to worry the next time you come to a water crossing. Furthermore, they are built with rust and corrosion proof stainless steel or aluminum. This means they are especially suited for off-roaders, since LED lights are unaffected by bumps and vibration. You can rest easy knowing that these lights are built to last through any obstacle you throw at them. One of the most appealing reasons for investing in a custom grille with LED's is modern LED technology. They consume very little energy for the amount of light they provide, which means you do not need to be concerned about your lights overheating or draining your truck battery if you accidentally leave them on. It's no wonder LED grilles are becoming so popular.

Give your ride incredible flair at night and improved lighting performance with epic LED grilles from the biggest names in aftermarket customization. At AutoAnything, we have LED grilles, light bars and other lighting accessories that let you personalize your Jeep, truck, supercar or SUV like never before.

What Are LED Grill Lights?

LED lights add spectacular illumination and color to aftermarket grilles. You can purchase light bars for custom mounts or choose attention-grabbing mesh grilles that are studded with LEDs. These options give the front of your vehicle a bold look.

Best Selling LED Grill Lights

When it comes to many off-road parts, you can get high-quality products that fit your price point. As expected, top-end features cost more but also deliver more. The best LED grille lights offer superior performance on the lighting side of things:

  • Variety of light patterns, including fog, off-road and flood lighting
  • Improved brightness and road illumination
  • Greater lighting distance
  • Wider area of illumination

If you’re into off-roading or frequently drive country or forest roads at night, having maximum illumination can make a huge difference. The clearer you can see the road ahead, the more control you have over your vehicle for avoiding hazards.

Budget-Friendly LED Grill Lights

Sometimes, maximum lighting performance isn’t a huge deal when purchasing LED grille lights. Many drivers are mainly interested in awesome style. Make no mistake about it — you can get head-turning options for your truck, SUV or Jeep without going over your budget.

Most Durable LED Grill Lights

All of our LED grille lights are designed to stand up to a variety of road conditions, but off-road pros should invest in the strongest materials. The grille performs double duty for style and protection of essential components.

Depending on the type of armor your vehicle’s front bumper provides, you may want to choose stainless steel grills for durability, impact resistance and weather resistance. Heavy-duty aluminum or powder-coated steel are also solid options.

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Customer Reviews

ProZ Premium LED Grille

Great look

Fantastic, quality product View more reviews...
Posted By Dimitrios H (HANOVER, ME) / July 27, 2018
2015 Toyota Tacoma
T-Rex ZROADZ Series LED Light Grille

Best grille/ integrated light bar in the market

I was skeptical about purchasing this product when it first came out because of lack of reviews or even videos from the vendor but very content with my purchase. Aside from the awesome look, this thing is built to last with heavy duty material and installation was not as difficult but do need to have some experience with this type of work. Light bar is very bright and like that it has its own switch. Overall 10/10. View more reviews...
Posted By Willman C (Canton, GA) / May 3, 2017
2012 Dodge Ram
T-Rex Torch Series LED Light Grille

Great grill

I received the grill well packaged installation is easy straight forward and the led bar puts out a huge amount of light the fit and finish was great well made grill View more reviews...
Posted By Greg F (Fairfield, CA) / January 18, 2017
2016 Dodge Ram