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1997 Chevy Suburban
Custom Grilles

1997 Chevy Suburban Custom Grilles

The reality is that our cars and trucks roll off the lot among a fleet of near identical copies of themselves. I mean sure, a few different paint schemes and trims, but none of those things really make the vehicle all that unique and really yours. Here’s where custom car grilles come in. When you are hunting for the perfect grill for your vehicle and search for custom grill for cars or custom grill for trucks, you would be blown away by the many options that you find. But now that you are at the point of being overwhelmed let’s break it down for you.
The custom car grilles that we carry are broken down into Bar Billet Grilles, Bumper Grilles, Complete Package Grilles, Custom Grill Emblems, LED Grilles, Mesh Grilles, Punch Billet Grilles, and Specialty Billet Grilles. All the numerous custom grill for cars and custom grill for trucks has definitely got your grill smiling huh? So, what exactly are you looking for?

You can get a stainless steel or aluminum grill from top brands such as Carriage Road, DV8 Offroad, GrillCraft, ProZ, Putco, Rugged Ridge or T-Rex, to name a few that we carry. Grilles overall protect your fans and other soft elements of your engine such as wiring and tubing. Especially in the case of custom truck grilles, you will get added protection on those excursions off-road where sticks or branches are more likely to wind up getting stuck in your fan.

A complete package grille comes with emblem and everything that you need for your vehicle and so that once installed you get the fully finished look that you desire. One such option is the Street Scene Custom Grill Shell with Grill Inserts. This option features an oval design, is available in stainless steel or aluminum and comes in a variety of finishes to match your vehicle flawlessly. Then there are more specified grilles, such as the bumper grills which fill the spaces that your factory bumper may have had left open.

A grill is no longer a simple mesh that comes in a one-size fits all and we make sure that you have variety at your fingertips with our bar billet grilles, mesh grilles, punch billet grilles and our LED grilles. Our specialty billet grilles even go one step further, offering you handpainted grilles that are guaranteed to set your vehicle even further apart from every other one like it on the road. These specialty grilles are offered by Putco, Rugged Ridge, Armordillo, ProZ and custom truck grilles by Nighthawk. Whatever your personality or the look that you are going for, for your vehicle, you can find the one that you have been looking for. All the custom grill for cars and custom grill for trucks are truly custom design and fitted. There is no need to worry about whether it will line up with your factory lines. All grilles are truly custom made and will have your vehicle looking totally badass! Custom grills for cars and custom grills for trucks are definitely the way to go if you want to stand out!

Still have uncertainty when it comes to options for custom car grilles? Maybe you are looking for custom truck grilles but not sure which is the best. Give us a call or click the chat button. We are more than happy to help put a smile on your grill by helping you find the right grill for your truck! For more tips, advice, and information on how to choose the best custom truck grilles, visit our billet grilles tech center.
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1997 Chevy Suburban Putco Custom Grilles
1997 Chevy Suburban AMI Custom Grilles
1997 Chevy Suburban T-Rex Custom Grilles
1997 Chevy Suburban PlasmaGlow Custom Grilles

Customer Reviews

AMI Grille Emblem

AMI Chevy Grille Bowtie Black

Real Aluminum - heavy construction. It is painted, not anodized. Up close, the paint is not perfect. From three feet, it is pretty nice. Looks great on the car. On mu model, I removed the grill assembly to get at the emblem mount. Dome in less than an hour, including polishing all the parts while I had it apart. I got the style with a bead of trim around the emblem. I wish I had just gotten solid black or perhaps chrome. It does look great and I expect it to last longer than the car. View more reviews...
Posted By David M (SAN JOSE, CA) / January 7, 2015
2003 Chevy Suburban
Putco Punch Grille

retired in virginia

The grille look great. Just the look I was looking for. It was very easy to install. My only concern is that the metal is pretty thin and it makes me wonder how it will hold up in the long run. View more reviews...
Posted By Kenneth R (Glen Allen, VA) / December 26, 2008
2008 Chevy Suburban
Putco Designer FX Grilles

grill insert

I bought a grill insert and i love the way it looks for my black suburban. just fills in the space and makes it look very good. the diamond hold are a different and good touch View more reviews...
Posted By Kyle S (Kalispell, MT) / June 12, 2007
2001 Chevy Suburban

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