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How to Install a Billet Grille

From off-road pitfalls to the rocks and other debris that get kicked up during the rush-hour commute, that front end of yours really takes a beating. And before long, your grille – one of the most instantly noticeable components on your vehicle – starts to look pretty shabby.

Whether you’re looking to replace a worn-out grille or just something that was lackluster to begin with, aftermarket bar billet grilles are affordable, simple to install and instantly revitalize the look of your ride through a variety of styles and finishes.

Also known as punch billets or mesh grilles for trucks, a billet grille for the Chevy Silverado and similar vehicle-specific models are forged from a solid bar or block of metal that has been machined to its final shape. In the past, punch billets started out as a single piece of aluminum with the voids in between the bars machined out. But, modern manufacturing has eliminated this process, producing grilles that are considerably tougher than their predecessors.

Built by time-tested aftermarket manufacturers like Putco grilles, T-Rex grilles and Carriage Works billet grilles for the Camaro, aftermarket grilles are available in a variety of finishes, including smooth-brushed, sleek black, and gleaming-polished. They’re also crafted from aluminum, stainless steel or ABS plastic, enabling you to choose the materials from which they’re constructed depending on the durability you’re looking for…as well as how much you want to spend. But, regardless of which model you select, each is designed to provide heavy-duty performance while dramatically altering the look of your front end.

Most aftermarket grilles mount easily over any existing grille without drilling or having to remove factory parts. In addition, many billet grilles are also available as “temporary” add-ons, enabling you to replace the stock grille completely or retain the old grille and simply install the new grille on top of it. Plus, aftermarket grilles are designed for your specific make, model and year, with punch billets and bar billet grilles available for most of the popular cars and trucks on the market. Some even are customized with billet grille emblems, like the billet Chevy emblem.

As indicated in most billet grilles reviews you’ll find online, this custom-shaping ensures a simple at-home installation that can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less. Plus, each kit arrives complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. Here’s a quick rundown on the key points of a basic installation:

Step 1: Access the back of your factory grille by removing the retaining clips holding it in place. Note: if you purchased a “temporary” grille that mounts directly over your existing grille, all you have to do is use the clips provided and press it into place!

Step 2: Your new grille most likely came with several brackets. Hold your new grille in place and use these brackets to secure it to your factory grille. Make sure you tighten them securely and then replace the front end of your car or truck with the retaining clips removed in Step 1. That’s it—you’re done!

Billet grilles remain one of the more popular Chevy accessories because, simply put, they look cool! Easy to install and highly affordable (especially when compared to the same upgrade offered by your dealer), they serve as one of the fastest ways to customize your ride in style.

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