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Body Armor & Protection

Body Armor & Protection

Two words, three syllables, thousands of miles of worry-free protection for your off-road rig: Body mods. Got ‘em? If you don’t, you need to get you some. Fortunately, AutoAnything has everything you need to be off-road ready - from simple Jeep grab handles and complete roll cage kits to fender flares and stone guards that will keep those rogue rocks from biting your new paint job. Just dust off your ride, apply your off-road body armor with automotive-grade 3M adhesive and leave your worries in the rearview mirror.
But first, hold up, wait a minute, how do you know exactly what body modifications are best for your truck, SUV, Jeep or other off-roader? Well, it all comes down to what sorts of terrain you’ll be conquering and which parts of your vehicle will be most vulnerable. You see, as rough and tumble as vehicles like Jeeps and 4WD trucks were designed to be, true trailblazing enthusiasts know the importance of protecting the body of their vehicle with off-road body armor. And let’s not forget the sheer joy - and relief - of having those truck or Jeep grab handles within arm’s reach when things get especially hairy.

Whether you're hitting the latest technical trail on your list or want to keep your vehicle’s exterior looking fresh and free from nicks and dings, you can turn your ride into the ultimate off-roader by equipping it with made-to-fit off-road body armor that looks as great under multiple inches of mud as it does cruising through town after washing off the weekend’s adventures. Plus, our premium parts are made with the most durable materials to prevent scratches, gouges, smashed differentials, sliced oil pans and expensive fixes to your prized vehicle.

As you begin looking for the trim pieces you need for your truck or Jeep, take a walk around your rig and make note of the areas that have already sustained some damage or are likely to once you start throwing up rocks on the gravel roads. These are most often the grill, doors, fenders, rearview mirrors, lower side panels and tailgate. Then, shop for individual add-ons or full kits that are constructed from durable materials and come complete with a warranty to make sure you’re covered on more fronts than one.

Did you just come here for a new set of Jeep grab handles? We got you, too. Our selection of easy-to-install handles are made from tried-and-test nylon and feature plastic molded or soft foam handles. Plus, will fit on both padded and unpadded Jeep grab bars. Classic black gives you a subtle style while our bright, in-your-face colors make sure your passengers never have to ask, “what do I do with my hands?” when the going gets rough.

Undecided on which brand of off-road body armor to choose or which truck grab handles will hold up the best for your vehicle? We’ve compiled multiple reviews based on the actual experiences of other off-roaders who put their trust in our products from brands like Bushwacker, Iron Cross, Smittybilt and more. They loved what we’ve got, and we’re sure you will, too.
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