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Brake Rotors

Stop what you’re doing right now and check out these amazing brake rotors. Brake rotors are the key component to slowing your car or truck down. Whether you’re approaching a red light, or see that unexpected lane change by an unaware car, having a good set of wheel rotors will make the difference between avoiding a collision, and having to get a new bumper. Choose from widely popular and proven brands like Brembo, StopTech, and EBC to see the difference yourself.
Most drivers are content with the entry level performance tier of brake rotors. Although inexpensive and basic, these simple rotors still pack a punch. Wheel rotors for the daily driver provide adequate braking performance for a very nice price. Made with premium castings, and machined to OEM specifications, these brake rotors are made to fit directly into your car or truck with ease. These OEM replacements will help you stop more efficiently without “braking” the bank.

If you like to tow or haul some heavy loads, that added weight puts more stress onto your brake system. More force is necessary, more heat is generated, and brake fade is more imminent. You need a special wheel rotor to combat these dangers. These rotors have a higher carbon content to help take the heat so you don’t have to. The extra carbon prevents the rotors from wearing and warping under heavy stress. A warped rotor leads to premature brake failure. And when you are towing your speedboat, or a stable of horses, the last thing you need is brake failure.

Sometimes, your daily driver needs a little more bite than OEM. For those looking for that extra edge, look into our collection of street performance wheel rotors. Some of us like to race our dailies on the weekend, and those weekend racers need some performance braking. By modifying these rotors, you’re able to dissipate heat, prevent fade, and keep the rotor lasting long. Manufacturers will craft slotted brake rotors to help move heat from the rotor during heavy braking. Others will drill into the rotor to help with performance. Some even do a combination of both to get the best of both worlds. Not to mention they look great behind the wheels of your car too!

For the ultimate performance braking, opt for pure racing rotors. These mean pieces are made to provide the hardest braking all while dissipating heat efficiently. These rotors are very technical, and are not recommended to be used on the street. These powerful wheel rotors are made of high carbon alloy that provide the hardest braking bite.

Whether you are looking for cost effective OEM replacements, or hungry for more bite in your brakes, AutoAnything has a wide collection of brake rotors for every need. Select your year, make, and model to find rotors that are a perfect fit. If still unsure, read up on our countless buyer guides and reviews.
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Customer Reviews

EBC BSD Rotors

best of the best

simply best of the best View more reviews...
Posted By filip d (SNELLVILLE, GA) / January 29, 2022
Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Fit and function as expected

Appear to be well built. Fit with no issues. Just make sure you get the correct diameter if your year vehicle has options. View more reviews...
Posted By Patrick M (Hegins, PA) / December 23, 2021
Power Stop Evolution Brake Rotors

quality at a good price

easy to install and seem to be good quality. Time will tell! View more reviews...
Posted By gary b (Milton, NH) / October 2, 2021
2007 Honda CR-V

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