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EBC Brakes, Rotors & Pads

Roll with the best and nothing less. Serious drivers have been trusting EBC brakes for years because of their premium parts and superior stopping power in both race cars and daily drivers. For a full replacement (or to swap out those factory parts), EBC brake kits have everything you need for the long-lasting performance you want. They are vehicle-specific and come complete with your pick of EBC brake pads, promising direct-fit installation to make maintaining your stopping system easy.
Tried and tested on the track and the highway, EBC brake pads keep it simple and straightforward with how they are named, so you can easily find the fit for your vehicle. Meet the line-up: Green Stuff, Yellow Stuff, Red Stuff, Orange Stuff and, for those of you that need a little more, there are Ultimax, Supreme, and Extra Duty versions.

When you want to show off your muscle (car, that is) and be confident you’ll come to a screech-less stop every time, the ceramic Red Stuff brake pads with beveled edges and a center slot have got the stuff you need for serious street cruising. But your truck, SUV, 4x4, compact car or import sedan shouldn’t miss out on the fun, either. Even better, EBC brakes give you options. Green Stuff EBC brake pads are a significant upgrade from those stock parts and deliver serious grip for your ride. But we know that truck isn’t just for show - Yellow Stuff brake pads give you the big stop required for long-hauls and large tows.

And now for the speed demons. For racetrack driving, EBC rotors and brake pads are simply second-to-none. Light track drivers love EBC Blue Stuff brake pads while full-time racers know they’ll get 40-60% more use out of Orange Stuff than traditional EO pads. Pair with EBC rotors for a biting stop that’ll ensure you’re race-day ready.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going 0-60 as fast as you can or perfecting your street drifting style, you want to be able to stop on a dime with a tap of your toe and we don’t blame you. Not only do we have premium EBC rotors and brake pads, but we also have what you need to keep that braking system clean for longer-lasting performance. Shop our full lineup of EBC brakes and brake fluid. Then, for our first-time garage mechanics, check out our resources to ensure you know how to clean and change your rotors and brake pads safely and securely.

Here at AutoAnything, we aren’t just parts people, we are a community of avid drivers, racers and hobbyists. So, be sure to read up on what other customers have to say about their EBC brake kits to be sure you’ve got what you need. Then take advantage of price-matching, free shipping and a limited warranty for service you just won’t get anywhere else.
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Customer Reviews

EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads

Amazing stoping power for a distracted wife!

I put these breaks on my wife's Explorer XLT, because she can be a very distracted. More then I care to know or share they have kept her out of accidents. View more reviews...
Posted By William U (PFLUGERVILLE, TX) / March 13, 2023
EBC Brake Kits

2012 Ram 1500

Overall went pretty smooth breaking is decent, little dusty on the pads so far. The break in period is something different with a 1000 miles go easy before the final bed in. Then about 5-60 to 20 mile an hour stops. All in all good value no noise at all. I only have 200 miles on them time will tell. View more reviews...
Posted By Craig K (Minneapolis, MN) / December 22, 2022
2012 Dodge Ram
EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads

10 years now. I'm sold.

Excellent performance, reliable and durable. High quality stuff. Compare an EBC rotor to OEM... Not even close. No fade. No noise. Follow the break in and your golden! View more reviews...
Posted By Brian B (DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI) / October 6, 2022
2011 Ford Taurus