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Caliper Covers

Caliper Covers For Sale - Shop Custom Aftermarket Caliper Covers

Over time and with miles of driving and braking, it is not a surprise that your brake calipers eventually start showing some wear and tear. If your calipers are not quite ready to replace, but are looking pretty worn out, you might want to consider custom caliper covers. If your calipers are an eyesore, aftermarket caliper covers are a great option to get a clean, refreshed look. Even if your calipers are not worn, sometimes the plain gray factory calipers do not give your car the right appearance. Easily cover boring calipers with bright red, yellow, or shiny black covers. They are a quick way to add contrast and color to your vehicle. Every small detail counts and installing caliper covers is a detail that will definitely get noticed.

Aside from aesthetics, custom brake calipers with covers do provide some functional benefits too. Covers keep your wheels dust free by sending dust towards the back of your vehicle rather than out and onto the wheel surface. It is small, but you will be happy when you do not have to wash the wheels and rims each week at the car wash. Also something worth noting, caliper covers can actually reduce brake caliper heat. Many think that caliper covers will up the heat by increasing friction. Studies show that caliper covers made of aluminum do the opposite and reduce overall heat build up. Not only do you get attractive wheels and rims, you will notice less heat coming from your brakes as well.

MGP is a household name when it comes to custom brake caliper covers. Constructed of aerospace aluminum, these covers are built to last. To add to their durability, they are powder-coated. So, not only are they tough, the powder-coating enhances their appearance, as well. MGP partners with many major auto companies and in order to do so, they must undergo rigorous testing to ensure their products are safe. In addition to safety, MGP covers are easy to install. No need to modify your brake calipers - the covers bolt on and are easy to remove when you need to change brake pads. MGP brake caliper covers are a good bet if you are considering covers.

Another excellent choice are Dorman brake caliper covers. Dorman has worked hard to make a name for themselves as far as aftermarket parts are concerned. They have built a well-earned reputation for creating nicely designed and manufactured parts that allow consumers to easily fix their vehicles. With more than a century of experience in the automotive world, you can depend on brake covers from Dorman to serve you positively.

If your brake calipers are starting to show some abuse or you just need some color under your rims, MGP and Dorman have you covered, literally. Brake covers will enhance the visual appeal of your wheels, keep your wheels dust free and reduce heat in your brakes. Overall, installing caliper covers is an affordable and easy to install job. You will not regret walking out to your car each day and seeing those bright caliper covers on your wheels.

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Customer Reviews

MGP Brake Caliper Covers

Instant cool after easy install

It took longer to jack up the car (2003 vette) than they took to install. Just a little angle adjustment here and there and boom, instant improvement. I did have to get my wheels rebalanced so the weights are on the inside of the wheel to prevent a slight rubbing. My local tire shop balanced at no charge because I am a loyal customer and I already had the wheels removed. Several people, and even my wife, have said how much of an improvement the covers made. View more reviews...
Posted By John F (CINCINNATI, OH) / March 12, 2022