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Centric Brakes, Rotors & Pads

Centric is one of those brands where once you see the name on the box, you can breathe easy knowing you can trust that the parts are going to be solid quality. Hitting the ground running in 2000, Centric has grown to become one of the biggest brake suppliers not only in the aftermarket, but also as an OE supplier to many of the big brands. Meaning there’s a decent chance the brakes your car rolled off the factory line with were Centric. If the engineers at the factory trust them, that’s more than enough endorsement for us.
You rely on your car brakes each and every time you get behind the wheel. Your car's brakes are the single most important safety item on your vehicle. Of course with that being the case, along with tires, your brakes are one of the biggest wear items on your car as well, meaning we all need to replace the brakes on our cars at some point. Centric brake parts are built to OEM standards to ensure a factory fit and performance. Whether you are replacing worn out brake pads, brake rotors, or a brake master cylinder you can rely on Centric brakes to keep you safe while you are out on the road. Centric brake rotors and drums are built to be balanced. Often overlooked your brake rotors and drums need to be balanced similar to your tires. Unbalanced car brakes can cause wear to tires, shocks, and steering components. Centric brakes parts are mill balanced tested to ensure they leave the factory.

Centric brake parts are available for almost every make and model and offer performance upgrades to improve your cars braking ability. Weather all you need is to rebuild your brake caliper or is you need an entire replacement unit Centric brakes has you covered. Your car's brakes can take a beating out in the rain and salt spray. Centric brakes offer a premium rotors and drums that are electroplated to protect from corrosion. Perfect for cars with larger wheels that allow you to see the brakes through the wheel. No more rusty brakes, they will stay protected and looking clean for years to come. Along with disc brakes Centric car brakes also has parts for your car or truck equipped with drum brakes. This includes wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and drums. Don’t worry, you can get a set of corrosion resistant premium drums as well.

Whether you have a simple daily driver or a weekend sports car you can improve the braking performance with Centric brake parts. Having good brakes isn’t just limited to sports car or exotic imports. You can upgrade your cards brakes with drilled and slotted rotors, or performance brake pads. Drilled and slotted rotors are a great performance upgrade that also look amazing. These rotors have holes drilled through the rotor as well as slots cut into the rotors face. These holes and slots help to expel gases and heat that are made when you apply the brakes. Along with these performance brake rotors performance brake pads will help you get the most from your car's brakes. These brake pads are made from a more aggressive material that has more friction then a factory style brake pad. Along with more bite these performance pads will wear out faster and have more brake dust. They require more cleaning and maintenance but it could be worth it for the performance gains for some users. Or skip the extra hassle with a set of ceramic brake pads that won’t produce dust and will give you years of quiet safe braking. Need to see more? Check out this Centric premium replacement rotors review video .
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Customer Reviews

Centric Premium Rotors

Brake rotors

Love them! The quality is much better than the rotors GM had the dealer install! View more reviews...
Posted By Frank R (Howell, NJ) / July 23, 2020
2015 Chevy Colorado
Centric C-TEK Standard Brake Rotors

Excellent choice

On time and they are for the money a great rotor. Appeared to be a good quality and they seem to be working well, and I would recommend. View more reviews...
Posted By janet b (OAKRIDGE, OR) / June 18, 2020
2005 Dodge Dakota
Centric Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Centric brake pads

I always have used centric brakes never had an issue they performed exactly when really needed them no dust they last pretty long while and I do a lot of in city driving View more reviews...
Posted By Eddie O (Norwalk, CA) / May 14, 2020
2004 Chevy Silverado