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Bendix Brakes, Rotors & Pads

Stop what you are doing and try to remember the last time you checked out your brakes. If the answer was something along the line of “not in a while”, you probably are due for new brakes. Good thing AutoAnything has Bendix brakes. With high quality build at competitive prices, Bendix rotors and Bendix brakes pads are your perfect OEM replacements that doesn’t crush the wallet. Shop for vehicle specific Bendix brake parts to make shopping quick and painless. Don’t believe us? Read up on the praising reviews on their products.
When it comes to brakes, Bendix are leaders in the stopping industry. With the Bendix name around for almost a century, a respected reputation of consistency and quality follows it wherever it goes. Bendix have now expanded their products to everything including cars, trucks, buses, bikes, trailers, golf carts, aircraft, and even farm equipment. Designed for durability, reliability, all while keeping costs down, Bendix brake pads and Bendix brake rotors are built to keep you and other drivers safe and sound.

Does your brake pedal pulse underneath you? Do you hear grinding or squealing under braking? Think it is time for a new set of rotors. Bendix rotors are the perfect savior for your squealing brakes. Thanks to the precise engineering from Bendix, these rotors are engineered to meet or exceed OEM standards. High quality manufacturing leads to smooth pad to rotor contact. This leads to a better performing, longer lasting product. Each rotor comes completely balanced, and coated in corrosion resistant material to give it a clean machined look while extending its life. Each Bendix rotor is backed by a 12 month warranty.

When your brakes make as much noise as your engine, something needs to be changed. Brake pads are the most important, and most consumable part of the braking system. Bendix brake pads meet or exceed OEM standards for your car or truck. Made with the highest quality materials to prevent dust and noise, Bendix brake rotors are the obvious choice for your daily commuter. Each set of brake pads come with the necessary hardware to complete the job.

The auto industry is ever progressing. From engineering breakthroughs to updated safety standards. It seems near impossible to stay ahead of the curve. Bendix and their reputation for quality and performance manage to keep up with the times. Bendix even offers heavy duty applications to the serious worker and their car or truck. You can’t go wrong with the quality and performance of Bendix brakes.

When optimal performance and competitive pricing are your key points, Bendix is the name you should be looking out for. From pads and hardware, to rotors and drums, Bendix has everything you need to get you stopping sooner. With nearly a century of evolution, Bendix is the name that will stop you in your tracks.
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Posted By gary b (Milton, NH) / June 26, 2020
2007 Honda CR-V