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EBC Fully-Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotors Disc Rotor - SG Grooved Discs - PN - SG1977

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  • Part #: SG1977
  • SG Grooved Discs; Rear; Solid; 5 Bolt; 11.8 in.
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Product Info
  • EBC Fully-Floating 2-Piece Rotors are the highest quality available on the market
  • Direct replacement for vehicles with standard 2-piece rotors
  • Also seamlessly replace OEM 1-piece rotors, integrating with OE caliper and pads with no modifications necessary
  • Offer a significant weight saving compared to similar sized brake rotors, improving acceleration, ‘dive’ under braking, and tire road holding
  • Outer ring is cast from the highest-grade disc alloy G3500 for superior thermal conductivity and heat cycling
  • Anodised hubs, stainless-steel hardware and anti-rattle clips keep them street friendly
  • Every SD-Drive bobbin is machined from a single piece of stainless-steel, meaning they can never rust
  • The drive bobbins can be reused for multiple outer friction rings, meaning only the outer ring needs to be replaced after a period of use, leading to significantly lower long-term running costs
  • These rotors are sold by axle and are available for today’s best selling performance vehicles
EBC Brakes Racing team’s mission was a clearly defined one; develop the highest quality 2-piece floating brake rotor available on today’s marketplace. The componentry and technology used in these brake rotors exemplifies this pursuit of ultimate and absolute quality, culminating in a brake rotor that is perfectly matched to the highest braking demands of modern performance road and race cars. These rotors can serve as a direct replacement for performance vehicles where 2-piece brake rotors are fitted as standard, such as the R35 Nissan GT-R. When the vehicle has a 2-piece pin-drive brake rotor as original equipment, EBC’s SG2F 2-piece rotor upgrade seamlessly replaces the pin-drive rotor with a true fully-floating 2-piece rotor, whilst requiring no vehicle modifications.

Derived from race technology and having a high carbon and high copper metallurgy, G3500 disc alloy has superior thermal conductivity and heat cycling durability for maximum brake rotor life and performance, particularly during harder driving or track driving. The benefits are evident after testing these floating rotors against the recently introduced and extremely harsh ‘Reg 90’ dynamometer routine. The EBC 2-piece rotors completed two full test cycles back-to-back with zero disc cracking and no visible disc crazing. Most OE discs show signs of cracking at stop 40 and then fail at 50% through just one R90 test. The quality of EBC’s metallurgy coupled with the fact that the disc is fully-floating in its design allows EBC’s 2-piece rotors to outperform most OE discs by a factor of over 4x in the ‘R90 Thermal Fatigue Test’.

However, these rotors are not a track only product. Features such as anodised hubs, stainless-steel hardware and the incorporation of anti-rattle clips mean these rotors are road friendly, making them the perfect choice for customers who enjoy regular track days yet also drive their cars on the public highway. All cast iron rings feature 48 curved vanes and are handed left and right, ensuring the vanes always rotate in the correct direction, giving maximum cooling efficiency.

EBC uses a precision molding resin sand to create their castings, resulting in a much smoother cast surface that is less restrictive for air flowing over the cooling vanes. A less turbulent flow means improved flow velocity. Quite simply, you can push an EBC Brakes Racing rotor ring harder for longer before it reaches a given operating temperature. This lower operating temperature extends the life of the brake rotor and reduces the onset of brake fade.

The mounting bells used in EBC Brakes Racing’s 2-piece rotors are each precision machined from a billet of aerospace grade aluminum, ensuring they are both strong and lightweight. The bells are black anodised, providing an aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant finish, allowing the mounting bells to be re-used for multiple outer friction rings thus leading to lower long-term running costs.

One of the smallest yet most innovative components used in EBC’s 2-piece fully-floating brake rotors is the stainless-steel SD-Drive bobbins. Unlike most competitor bobbins that are machined from steel and then zinc plated to cut cost, every SD-Drive bobbin is machined from a single piece of stainless-steel, meaning these bobbins can never rust. Additionally, every bobbin location makes use of a spring clip that prevents disc rattle. This ensures the rotors are totally silent during operation and can be used on the public roads without the off-brake ‘rattle’ that plagues many other 2-piece floating rotors.

Because of the re-use of high quality components, coupled with the fact that EBC fully-floating rotors are far less prone to disc cracking, the long-term disc running costs (or cents-per-mile costs) is very similar to much cheaper and lower performance 1-piece cast iron rotors. These rotors are sold by axle and offer fitments for some of today’s best selling performance vehicles.


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