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EBC Racing Apollo Brake Calipers Caliper - Front Left - BC4104BLU-L

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  • Part #: BC4104BLU-L
  • Style: Storm Shadow Blue
  • EBC's Apollo series brake calipers are light weight, but strong aluminium brake calipers. Available in four striking colors; Racing Red, Stealth Black, Storm Shadow Blue and Luminous Yellow.
  • Apollo-4 Brake Calipers; Blue Caliper; Front Left Trailing Axle Position; Aluminum 2-pc. Bolted Body; 140 Bar Max Working Pressure; DP002 EBC Pad Shape;
  • PLEASE NOTE: EBC Calipers are NOT direct bolt on calipers. They are sold separately here as a service or custom item. They require proper caliper bracket adapters and specific rotors to be used. They cannot be used without those additional items. If you are looking for a complete kit that includes these items, please see our "Balanced Brake Kits".
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Product Info
  • EBC Racing Apollo Brake Calipers allow you to overhaul your stopping power and style
  • These lightweight but strong aluminum 4-piston brake calipers are a must-have upgrade for any driving enthusiast
  • Available in your choice of 4 colors - Racing Red, Storm Shadow Blue, Stealth Black, and Luminous Yellow
  • Hard anodised pistons with staggered sizes help to eliminate uneven pad wear
  • Pistons have a serrated nose to reduce heat transfer into the hydraulics during heavy use
  • 1-bolt pad retention system makes for quick pad changes
  • Feature 100-percent stainless hardware including X-over pipe, hydraulic fittings, pad retention bolt and stainless wear plates
  • Apollo calipers will never corrode or fade, no matter the climate
  • Calipers are sold individually and are available for a variety of today’s best selling performance vehicles
Apollo brake calipers utilize a 2-piece bolted design, incorporating high tensile 12.9 grade steel bolts for reinforcement of the caliper bridge section. Computer FEA analysis shows that the utilization of high-tensile steel bolts to reinforce the bridge brings significant improvements in caliper stiffness compared to a mono-block design. A stiffer bridge section means less elongation during brake application, giving a firmer and more responsive pedal feel, especially after a period of harder braking where the aluminum bridge of a mono-block design caliper softens appreciably with increasing temperature. Unlike the vast majority of cast calipers, which are typically gravity cast, Apollo Series caliper bodies are machined from heat treated low pressure castings. Low pressure casting is a vastly more expensive production method than conventional gravity casting, but by forcing the aluminum alloy into the mold under pressure the consistency of the finished part is greatly improved. This gives EBC’s Apollo Series brake calipers a noticeable performance advantage over conventional gravity cast calipers, exhibiting higher overall strength and a comparable caliper body stiffness to forging. Unlike most painted calipers on the market, Apollo brake calipers are not painted using a powder coat finish. Powder coat cracks and discolors with exposure to high heat, meaning that powder coated calipers look great out the box, but the color quickly fades away in use. We don’t just want Apollo calipers to look good in the box, we want them to look great for years to come, that’s why EBC finishes every caliper using our advanced high-temperature Teflon polyester coating process. This top-coat paint system is similar to what’s used in the cookware market on the underside of pans and it gives a durable, fade resistant coating that’s easy to wipe clean and ensures that Apollo calipers will look great for years to come.


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