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Centric Premium Rotors Disc Brake Rotor - Cryogenic Treated - 120.67049CRY

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  • Part #: 120.67049CRY
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Product Info
  • Replace your worn factory rotors without compromising with Centric Premium Rotors
  • Crafted to meet and exceed all OEM and quality-assurance standards
  • Electro-coated for long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Double disc ground for a taper-free finish
  • Non-directional finish makes for optimal pad/rotor break in
  • Premium finish delivers quieter, smoother stops
  • Fully machined finish—including rotor hats
  • Center-split core castings provide excellent heat transfer
  • The first choice for superior power, performance and safety
  • Your Centric Premium Rotors are backed by a 90-day warranty

We all know that replacing your worn out brakes is just a routine part of car maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and take the overpriced option from the dealership or the bargain low-quality product from your neighborhood auto parts store. Lucky for you, Centric Premium Rotors have been designed to be the perfect combination of quality and affordability. And that’s a good thing, because brakes are not something to compromise on.

When it comes to quality, Centric has you covered. These premium rotors are built to meet and exceed your car’s original factory specifications and quality standards. They feature a double disc ground taper free finish which allows for a near perfect disc thickness variation. It also leaves a non-directional finish, which keeps your braking quieter longer. It’ll also reduce the break-in time so you can benefit from your brake upgrade sooner. All rotors have a 100% fully machined finish to create a better balanced disc. Even the rotor hats are machined to complete the finished look. They are then mill-corrected to a tolerance that’s less than 2 ounces per inch, so you will have less vibrations while slowing down from any speed.

To further promote years of trouble-free braking, Centric uses a black electro-coating finish on these rotors which helps prevent rust and corrosion buildup. This electrostatically applied coating was designed to withstand 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting, so they can take whatever your commute throws their way. They also use a center-split core casting which delivers incredible heat transfer, even after repeated hard braking.

Installing these premium rotors couldn’t be easier. Since Centric designed these rotors to OE standards, they are the exact same size and use the same mounting points as your original ones. Centric has rotors for hundreds of different cars, trucks, and SUVs. This makes them perfect for everyone, including both master mechanics and those new to DIY. We also recommend replacing and upgrading your brake pads to ensure excellent performance. Centric stands by their rotors and offers a 90-day warranty for any imperfections. As always, when you shop with AutoAnything, you’ll enjoy fast shipping right to your door. If you have any questions, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is here to help seven days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the rotors rust?
All "swept surfaces" of any steel based rotor will rust, however non friction surfaces will maintain a black coating for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. These typically will look great for years.

What's the advantage of a premium rotor?
Proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloys are used which resist cracking in high-heat situations and increase friction couple for improved braking power and stopping performance.

What' the warranty?
90 days from the date of purchase or for 3,000 miles of use of the product, whichever occurs first

Can I turn or resurface these rotors?
Sure, you can turn or resurface these rotors as long as they are still within their minimum thickness specification, noted on the perimeter of the rotor. We don’t recommend turning rotors unless you absolutely don’t have another choice. You lose thermal capacity making them prone to "warp" again that much sooner, plus the hassle of the labor involved to remove the rotors in the first place with no guarantees of a "fix".

Are the rotors balanced?
Yes, they are balanced to ensure smooth operation and rotation

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