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Baer Brake Rotors for the 2011 Chevy Camaro

About the Part Number

Out on the streets, the track or the back country roads, your Chevy Camaro is the sultan of speed. And, as you know, with great speed comes great responsibility. So it comes as no surprise that your ferocious muscle car needs equally biting brakes to counteract the impressive speed. That’s where the company known for their cutting-edge braking technology enters the scene—Baer.

Since the beginning, Baer has crafted brakes and rotors to knock inferior braking systems out of the water. And now your 2011 Chevy Camaro SS or Non-SS model can have that braking power on its side since Baer has added four new part numbers to their line-up: front and rear SS rotors and front and rear non-SS rotors. These rotors are slotted and cross-drilled for professional performance braking—as well as a stylish look behind open-rimmed wheels. What’s more, they are crafted here in the USA and are backed in confidence for a 3-year warranty against cracking or warping.

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