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Goodyear Brake Rotors

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  • The Goodyear rotor is custom crafted and machined to existing specifications for a trouble-free fit
  • All Goodyear rotors are CNC precision machined for efficient braking and smooth and quiet operation
  • AntiOX Max full coating for maximum corrosion protection and performance appeal
  • Goodyear rotors are built to OEM specifications for individual vehicle configuration and come with original equipment vane configuration
  • Every rotor is balance tested to eliminate vibration and extend the life of each rotor
  • Made from high carbon castings, Goodyear rotors have enhanced strength, stability and durability
  • Each rotor has enhanced noise dampening and a dipped core for smoother airflow
  • Goodyear Rotors are your superior solution when it is time to replace or repair your vehicle’s brakes. And remember, your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle
  • Goodyear Brakes – safety, control, durability

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the rotors rust?
All "swept surfaces" of any steel based rotor will rust, however non friction surfaces will maintain a black coating for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. These typically will look great for years.

How hard are they to install?
Varies by application, but removal of calipers is required. Having a caliper piston compressing tool is very helpful. Remove some fluid from your brake fluid reservoir to prevent overflowing. Fresh fluid and flush is recommended.

What's the warranty?
3 years from the purchase date or 36,000 miles of use, whichever occurs first.

Can I turn or resurface these rotors?
Sure, you can turn or resurface these rotors as long as they are still within their minimum thickness specification, noted on the perimeter of the rotor. We don’t recommend turning rotors unless you absolutely don’t have another choice. You lose thermal capacity making them prone to "warp" again that much sooner, plus the hassle of the labor involved to remove the rotors in the first place with no guarantees of a "fix".

Are the rotors balanced?
Yes, they are balanced to ensure smooth operation and rotation

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