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How to Bleed Your Brakes

Installation Steps

  • Safely Raise & Secure Your Vehicle
  • Expect to Make A Mess
  • Get Ready
    • Open your vehicle’s hood
    • Remove the master cylinder cap and slightly loosen the bleeder screw on the wheel furthest away from the master cylinder with a wrench or socket, but don’t allow it to leak
    • Attach a brake bleeding tool to the bleed screw located on the top of the brake caliper
  • Bleed Your Brakes
  • Repeat the Process on All Remaining Bleeder Screws
    • Be sure to tighten each bleeder screw before removing your bleeding tool. This will ensure every last bit of air will be removed from your car’s braking system
    • Test your vehicle’s pedal feel after bleeding each corner. Once your brakes are properly bled, you should be able to build up pressure in the system with a few pumps of the pedal and should not be able to press the brake pedal to the floor
  • Clean Up and Hit the Road
    • With all of the air removed from your braking system, tighten the last bleeder screw and remove the bleeding tool from it
    • Check the master cylinder’s fluid level and top it off as needed with clean brake fluid
    • Spray each caliper with brake cleaner to remove any residue. This will allow you to check each bleeder screw for leaks over time
    • Remove and drip trays or cardboard and carefully lower your vehicle back onto its wheels
    • Close the hood and enjoy

Whether you’re driving a comfy commuter, a white-hot street machine or a down-n-dirty mudding monster, having a trusty set of brakes at your command is critical to staying safe both on and off the beaten path. By properly bleeding your vehicle’s brakes after servicing them, you’re ensuring they’ll work correctly not only on the first stop out of your driveway, but also when you need them to avoid a collision. Here at AutoAnything, we have everything you need to service your brakes the right way, from high-quality brake components to precision brake bleeding tools. Even better, you can grab these outstanding brake accessories and more at the best prices in town, thanks to our 1-year low price guarantee.

Installation Breakdown

Installation Difficutly


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Installation Time

Approx Time

1-2 Hours

Common Tools Needed

Common Tools Needed

  • Flare Nut Wrench
  • Clear Tubing
  • Disposable Container

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