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How to Install Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Installation Steps

So, the simple solution to bolster your braking system is to install brake lines that won’t flex. Stainless steel brake lines fit the bill perfectly and directly replace your car’s factory brake lines. Here’s how you install them:

  • Secure your ride
    • Find a clean & level place to work on your car
    • Raise and secure your vehicle by its chassis with a floor jack and jack stands
  • Be ready for a mess
  • Replace your hoses
    • Keep your car’s master cylinder topped off as much as possible during this process. And if possible, don’t let all of the fluid drain out of the master cylinder. It will make it easier to bleed the system later
    • Remove any hold-down clips attached to the line you’re working on and unscrew it from its hose fittings. Be ready for some fluid leakage
    • Install the new stainless steel line and any included gaskets, washers or clips
    • Clean the area of residual brake fluid and move on to the next hose
  • Bleed your brakes

Installation Breakdown

Installation Difficutly


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Installation Time

Approx Time

1 hour

Common Tools Needed

Common Tools Needed

  • Flare Nut Wrench

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