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How to Shop for Brake Pads

First, identify how you primarily use your vehicle


  • If you’re just driving around town, the performance of race brakes is probably not appropriate for your ride. If this describes your situation, then OEM-quality pads, ceramic or organic pads will provide the quiet and smooth stops you need so you can enjoy a simple turn about town as you commute to work or run errands. Shop for commuting brake pads


  • When towing heavy loads, your truck will need heavy-duty brakes to cope with the extra heat that’s generated. Semi-metallic pads are brutally tough and great for this. And, since trailers make a ton of noise, slight squeaking from these aggressive pads won’t be as noticeable as they would be on a commuter car. Shop for towing brake pads


  • Half of conquering the mountain is making it back down safely. Get your off-road rig back to camp in one piece with pads that provide plenty of hold — regardless of temperature. Heavy-duty semi-metallic or mild racing pads are great choices here. Shop for off-road brake pads

Street Performance

  • Once you start cranking up your car’s horsepower with accessories, you need to ensure you can stop at a moment’s notice. Semi-metallic, select ceramic or organic pads — and even mild race pads — can be used to give your braking system a boost… without committing your ride to race-only status. Shop for performance brake pads


  • For racing applications, all the comforts of an OEM pad go out the window in favor of sheer stopping power. A race-ready brake system spends much of its time enduring intense heat, so it’s critical to use pads designed to work well at higher temperatures. Your best bet to beat the heat is a set of heavy-duty semi-metallic or dedicated racing brake pads. Shop for racing brake pads

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