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Brakes, Rotors & Pads Buying Guide

Upgrading your vehicle’s braking system can seem like a daunting task. But in reality, it’s simple when you have the brake buying guides below. If you’re stumped on which accessories to buy, our help guides will point you in the right direction. Want to bolt on a burly brake mod, but don’t know how yet? No problem, we’ve got you covered with the installation guide that will have your vehicle up and running in no time. We even have in-depth technical brake articles, which is perfect if you want to learn how brake components work.

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Install Guides & How-to's

How to Install Brake Pads

Finding the perfect set of brake pads also means installing them. Lucky for you, we put together a list of steps to simplify your performance brake pad installation.


How to Bed-In Brake Pads

No matter which style of pad you choose, they won’t last if you don’t install them properly. So, make sure to follow our guide on How to Bed-In Brake Pads.


Advanced Topics & Comparison Articles

Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic vs. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


Did You Know?

  • Ceramic brake pads provide quieter stops and leave less dust on your rims.
  • A brake bleeding tool will allow you to easily bleed brakes by yourself.
  • Rotors with slots, drilled holes or a combination of the two resist warping.

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